Why doesn't my wife's password unlock mini?

I've set up family account and established an acount for my wife. She has her own password but mini will only open up with my master password. In other words, if my wife or son want to log in they have to log in as me, which seems to defeat the whole purpose of separate family member vaults. There is definitely something I'm not working out here. I had assumed my wife could sign in using her account ID and password. But I can't get that working.

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  • Are your wife and you using the same user account on the computer, i.e. are they logging into the Windows or Mac computer with a different user than you?

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    Hi Stuwats - Thank you for reaching out and I appreciate the details you provided. I have an idea on what's happening here but let's move the conversation over to email so I can better assist you. When you get a chance reply back to me over there and we can get this squared away for you :smile: Talk to you soon.

    Thank you @Manaburner for the help :+1:

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  • I think I may be having the same problem. Family account established. Sub accounts for my daughters confirmed, but they cannot login. Only the master password for the family account works when I start the 1Password 6 app on the iMac.

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    Hi @bryanlo! Welcome to our forums! :chuffed:

    As we'll likely need to discuss details of your personal setup, I'll reach out to you via email and we can continue the conversation there! :+1:

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