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This is one that I suggested prior to the release of version 3 but was told that it was already 'feature complete'. So, I am putting it out there for the next version.

How about a way in 1Password to set a number of days that a password is valid for and have 1Password generate either an internal alarm or put an event in iCal that notifies you ahead of your password running out.

Here at work, there are several systems that use different passwords and they all seem to have different lengths of time that they are valid (30 days, 45 days, 60 days, or 90 days). They are trying to consolidate many of these sites so they use a common password and UserID but that won't be complete for quite a while (years?!).

Most of these sites will give a 'password expiring' notice when you log in, however, if it is a site I don't use often, then sometimes my password runs out. I then have to call our 'Help Desk' to have a password reset.

It would really be nice to set a 'Password Valid for X days' option in each 1Password login item. Then, based on the last time I changed that password and the number of days I set, it would warn me a week or so ahead of time even if I did not log into that site.

So, what do you think? :?




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    Yea, just thought I would give you something to do ;-)

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    stu wrote:

    You're getting good with these feature requests, Spaceman!

    The idea of password expiry or alerts is one that's come up from time to time and I know it's on the list of things we're looking into for a future update. I don't face that situation much myself, but when I used to work for a bank here in the UK we had to change our passwords every 30 days and it became so frustrating. Of course, changing your passwords regularly is part of a good security regime and it would be great to have 1Password be able to help with this, so you've got my vote at least :-)

    As always, no timeframe on if and when, but it's on the list :-)

    You know, I suggested this when we were at version 2.x.x, particularly because I wanted to be able to set iCal alarms for when things like passports and credit cards were about to expire. I remember Dave Teare (I think) saying that it was a neat idea but definitely not before "version 3 land". It'd be really nice to see 1PWD able to hook into iCal alarms.

    I would have responded to this earlier, but I didn't want to stress Stu out with too much to do. :twisted:<img class=" />
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    Tim, I think your idea for credit card expiry alarms reaches a broad audience. I myself don't use any logins that expire, so it would be of more use to me directly. I like it.
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