Adventurers wanted! Help test the 1Password extension in Microsoft Edge!


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Update: Thanks to everyone that helped test the 1Password extension in Microsoft Edge! The promo code for the beta will no longer work because we're currently working on getting it released to everyone! We are currently waiting on Microsoft's review process. Once approved, everyone will be able to find the 1Password extension for Microsoft Edge in the Windows Store. Feel free to follow along in this thread for updates. :chuffed:

Greetings and salutations, fellow bitizens!

Today, I'm excited to announce that a 1Password extension for Microsoft Edge is now available for beta testing. We know this is something many of you have been waiting on for a long time, so I'm super stoked we finally get to share what we've been working on with y'all. :chuffed:

Say goodbye to using the main 1Password app to copy and paste passwords to Microsoft Edge and hasta la vista to manually saving and updating logins created in Microsoft Edge. Starting today, the 1Password extension can follow you to Microsoft Edge to take care of saving and filling for you, just like in Firefox and Chrome. The extension icon looks right at home in Microsoft Edge and I particularly love how it looks in dark mode:

Whether you choose the light side or the dark side, all you'll need to enjoy the cutting Edge of 1Password is Windows 10 Creators Update or later and 1Password 6.7.457 or later.

Please read the known issues in the pinned Edge thread below this post to know the limitations of 1Password support for Edge.

If you have any questions or issues with the 1Password extension in Microsoft Edge, please let us know by creating a new thread in this support forum. :+1:



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    Known issues and limitations

    • Autosubmit for logins will not work if clicking on 1Password icon in Microsoft Edge's toolbar. This is due to Microsoft Edge maintaining the focus on the toolbar button instead of restoring the focus back to the site for Autosubmit to work You can right-click on the site to select 1Password to submit, perform a Go and Fill instead, or just submit your logins manually. (Edge bug report #13031516)
    • Microsoft Edge's handling of Content Security Policy incorrectly blocks 1Password from filling on certain sites. This is a confirmed bug within Microsoft Edge. For now, report all problems with filling and we'll determine if they're caused by this Microsoft Edge bug. (Edge bug report #11320212)
    • The 1Password extension may become non-responsive if the last Microsoft Edge window is closed and a new one is opened immediately. Close the new window, wait a few seconds, and open Microsoft Edge again to resolve this problem.
    • 1Password extension does not work in Edge after the system hibernates with Edge running. Terminate both Edge and the main 1Password program (Right-click in notification area to select Exit) after waking up to fix this. {OPW-1420}
    • Tablet mode is not recommended with 1Password extension in Microsoft Edge. 1Password is a desktop app and 1Password extension is integrated with it, so when invoking 1Password extension via Edge, Windows will move 1Password mini into its own full screen view and when you select an item to fill, it will not take you back to Edge but your data will be filled.
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