Invite people to a team using 1Password Api

Hi there, we use 1Password at our start-up which is working on a tool to help fast growing companies onboard their new hires.

A lot of the companies we speak to are using 1Password in their teams. That means part of the process when they bring on someone new is to send an invite out to their new hire to join the team.

We're in the process of building an intergration to do this with one click for Google, Github and Slack. I was wondering if there's a) A 1Password api coming anytime soon? b) this would be a method on it?

Thanks :)

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  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    Hi @kl181 -- thanks for the idea! We've kicked around the idea of an API internally already, but at present I have nothing to announce on that score. We've also had requests for various integrations with everything from Okta to Gsuite to Active Directory to...well, you get the idea. Our issue for many of these requests is spending developer cycles figuring out if there's a way we can do it while maintaining user security AND privacy -- which is not always as easy as it sounds, since 1Password accounts are at heart encryption-based rather than authentication-based. Please keep the suggestions coming, as this is our best way to gauge what real-world users would most like to see. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the reply Lars.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    You're quite welcome, @kl181 -- and once again, thank YOU. :)

  • tmcglauntmcglaun
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    Hi @Lars -- I was looking for API commands to automatically create and manage users and groups. When we have new employees and contractors that start, move from client to client, and then leave the organization, we have to manually manage all of this from the site. We manage access to passwords based off of what project they are associated with. Being able to automatically provision 1password accounts and manage group access would be ideal because right now it is VERY manual and time consuming.

    We also are an Okta customer and partner. Being able to provision via Okta and then manage group membership with push groups would be the most ideal scenario. I also feel that this integration would better position 1password for the enterprise space.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    Welcome to the forum, @tmcglaun! It's been a while since this thread had any activity, and wouldn't you know it, just a week after the last post before yours, we finally felt ready to introduce the 1Password Command Line Interface! I don't know whether the current iteration of the CLI will do everything you want, since it still does not interface 1Password directly with Okta, but you should definitely check that blog post out and see if it makes your life as an admin any easier.

    With regard to Okta in particular and other SSOs, we're still considering how we might be able to do that while maintaining user privacy and without weakening their security. The problem with SSOs as they relate to 1Password is that by definition, they are authentication-based, where 1Password is encryption-based. In order to be able to use Okta or anything else to unlock 1Password, there would need to be a way to ensure your Master Password and Secret Key did not have to be given to the local SSO installation. There are additional security concerns beyond that, as well, but you get the idea.

    Definitely check out the CLI -- and if you have thoughts, requests or issues, the CLI actually has its own home here at the forum, so feel free to share your thoughts there. Cheers! :)

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