New/Old Vaults and Syncing

I'm doing a major revamp of where my passwords are stored. I created some new vaults, deleted some old vaults, and so on (on my mac).

I did change sync so that all the new vaults would upload to dropbox.

My ipad does not see the new vaults. It did, after a time, and working at resyncing, set the old vaults to have zero items in them.

How do I make my ipad see the new vaults? And can I delete the old vaults?

Thank you.

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  • I note that the new vaults end in .opvault whereas my current/old vaults end in .agilekeychain

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    Hi @Seeker -- yup, OPVault and Agile Keychain are our two keychain formats. Agile Keychain is the earlier one, and OPVault is its replacement. There are many Agile Keychain vaults still out there "in the wild" (like yours!), because it was the default for such a long time. However, a while back, we switched all the 1Password apps to writing new sync keychains in the OPVault format by default. That explains the discrepancy you're seeing.

    If the new vaults (that you created on your Mac, written in OPVault on Dropbox) contain all of your data - in other words, you don't need to copy or import anything from those older vaults written in Agile Keychain format - then yes, you can delete the Agile Keychain vaults. They are not needed and may confuse any future 1Password apps you try to sync with Dropbox. You may wind up picking an old, unused keychain by mistake, etc. If you want to be extra careful (never a bad idea), you can move those old Agile Keychains to another folder in your Mac (out of Dropbox), or even onto an external drive or other storage media, for archiving in case of an emergency. But if you're sure they're no longer necessary, you can certainly delete them. Just make sure, as with all deletions, that you're really certain before you proceed.

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