How can I shut off the 1password prompt for a page in a website not the whole website?

This is one of the more maddening elements of 1PW when I use Wordpress: If I change certain things in a wordpress admin section, I get the prompt to save a password. Just a friggin save button is hit after entering some CSS in a field. I would sure love to know WHY it's prompting me, but instead how about allowing me to turn it off for certain ELEMENTS of the page I'm working on--right now it only allows me to shut off the entire site, which would not be what I want. Thanks

1Password Version: 6.81
Extension Version: 4.6.9
OS Version: latest osx
Sync Type: wifi
Referrer: forum-search:password save prompts for form fields


  • Greetings @smithwooddr,

    I have a test WordPress account but I certainly don't claim to know the interface. Can you guide me on how to replicate this please and we will investigate.

    Currently we have no selective feature as you're hoping for and it is unlikely to happen any time soon. The reason is the extension has no state, no UI (User Interface) and no configurable options. It's essentially a black box that sits in the browser and relays information backwards and forwards between 1Password and the page. So before we could add such a feature we'd need to add a whole raft of functionality to support such an option. For now it is the case that only disabling it for the domain will stop the prompts.

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