Can the CLI use local `*.opvault` vaults?


I love the CLI so far, but having a bit of a hard time self-discovering all it can do.

I have accounts with a few of my clients, but my personal use remains in local *.opvault files synched via Dropbox. Old-school, I know.

Are they supported?



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  • cohixcohix

    AgileBits Team Member

    Hey @mikeboers, Glad you're taking such an interest in the tool :) There's currently no support for standalone vaults with the CLI, it's a client for the service.

  • I'm seconding Mike's request: 90% of my 1Password data remains in standalone vaults. While the account-based system is convenient for light usage scenarios, it's still a ways off being able to replace standalone vaults for me. Would really really like to see the CLI extended to handle.

  • cohixcohix

    AgileBits Team Member

    @Endareth Thanks for the vote! For now the focus will remain on as that's where the most automation potential lies for administrators, but we'll always keep our options open for the future. In the meantime, there are several open-source .opvault CLI tools floating around GitHub that you may be interested in.

  • Another vote for this. I don't use the services, so the CLI is useless to me. :-(

  • rickfillionrickfillion Junior Member

    AgileBits Team Member

    There exist tools already that allow access to OPVaults. The specifications for OPVault are openly available and relatively straight forward to implement. In the case of, our thought was that even if we open up the specifications (something we'd like to do, beyond the whitepaper), the barrier for creating an implementation is really high. is a much more complex machine (as it's capable of a lot more than OPVault).


  • +1 :-) that would me awesome!

  • brentybrenty

    AgileBits Team Member

    It's not something we have plans for since, as Rick mentioned, there are already tools out there that can read local vaults, as they're an open format. But thanks for letting us know it's something you'd like us to do in the future as well! :)

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