1password pro sync multiple vaults

Hi, i just purchased the pro version of 1password, but how do i sync multiple vaults? I have them all on DB but in the app i cant find anything that mention multiple sync, and the vault icon on the menu is omly the one for my main default vault and there's no oltion to switch (at least that i can find)

Any help? Thanks


  • From what I've gathered, agilebits doesn't support multiple vaults on android yet. It's just an IOS and mac/PC thing. Other posts say they will eventually get to implementing it.

  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hi @nickimola. I've replied to your email, so please check your inbox. :)

    @Nefarious, It's not possible to sync multiple standalone vaults on Android, but you can use multiple vaults if you're using a 1Password account.

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