how do i get rid of old passwords for various sites long since replaced in the 1Password interface?

When I click on WordPress in the Chrome extension of my 1Password app, for example, I get a list of 20 or so passwords that I've created and forgotten going back several years. Is there a way to bulk delete old ones. Would also be great to have a setting that eliminated the old listing when a new password is created. Why keep around the old ones?

Can you also point me to a tutorial for syncing with my macbook air, iPhone, etc.? Thanks.
- Bill Mitchell

1Password Version: 6
Extension Version: 6?
OS Version: OS 10.11.6
Sync Type: iCloud
Referrer: forum-search:how do i get rid of old passwords for various sites long since replaced in the 1Password interface?


  • Corey_CCorey_C

    Team Member

    Hi there @bmitch :)
    When you say a list of passwords, are they separate entries in 1Password or just a list under "Previously used passwords"? If it's simply under the previously used passwords list, I'm not quite sure why those are kept. I'm sure a member of the AgileBits team could elaborate on that. You can stop them from appearing by clicking on the "hide previously used passwords button". I don't know about deleting them, though.

    As for syncing your devices with iCloud, a tutorial for that can be found here.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other issues. :)

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    HI @bmitch - so you're already on a WordPress login page, and you're clicking 1Password in your browser? If that happens, you should be getting only results for login items for WordPress, not Secure Notes or passwords or anything else. Are the items you're seeing Login items? Or merely previously-generated passwords? If you're not sure, open the main 1Password for Mac app and choose Logins in the sidebar, then check to see how many entries you have for WordPress.

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