New favourites screen also shows recents?



  • Are there plans to add this to the desktop app as well? I'd go as far as to say that I'd like to see a more enhanced version of this same feature that would show the last few items as well as the top X most used items. Yes, I can add things to favorites myself, but I find that my usage over time changes a lot and having the app adapt to the for me would be much nicer.


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    Hey there @XenoPhage. While we can't comment on future development beyond what you'll see in our beta releases, I can say that we are always striving for consistency of features across all of our apps. Thanks for the kind words about the new Favorites screen!

    ref: OPM-5580

  • The Recents issue confused the heck out of me. Please let Favorites be Favorites! My movie pass should not appear above my bank account information, unless I’ve told it to be there!

  • Long time 1Password user. First time I've been so unhappy with a change that I'm taking the time to comment.

    Recents and Favo(u)rites are two completely different things. As someone said above: favorites are what I use frequently (or just happen to like :-); if I happen to use one of my infrequent logins, why on earth would I want it above my favorites or, indeed, in a favorites list at all.

    You are conflating two different things: frequency of use (or whatever metric people use to place something into favorites) vs. desire/need to quickly access the last used item.

    It just doesn't pass the common sense test (let alone an English language one).

  • You can set the number of Recently Used Items to 0 in settings; then you will only see favorites in the Favorites tab.

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    Hi @SomeoneFromOz ,

    Please see XIII’s suggestion (thanks, XIII), if you don't want that feature, feel free to turn it off. If you are curious, the reason we put it there is well, because recently used items often do end up being favourites for some. Some customers takes the time to mark favourites beforehand, but for others, they don't realize something is a favourite until they see it in the Recent list often enough. We also didn't feel it warranted another tab in the tab bar so it's in the Favourites tab. However, since it is not for everyone, we did add a setting to turn it off.


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    Thanks @XIII & @ag_kevin - works like a charm!

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    Glad to help!


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