AgileBits Recent Blog Post, Purchasing, & Traveling Outside the USA

I saw your 1Password app on the app store and clicked on the link to your website and stumbled upon this blog post:

I'm pretty sure it was meant to be because I will be traveling outside of the USA to Vietnam in 2018 and wanted to know more information about keeping my data secure and safe on all my devices while I'm there.

We have a family matter that my wife and I were taking care of here, and then a family member passed away, so she left back to her home country to take care of another family member who is struggling right now.

So we are business owners and we have both Apple products and Android phones. One of my questions was answered when I signed into the forum and there were lots of images of Android, Windows, Apple, etc and using those devices on browsers of all kinds; which was helpful. I wanted to know if 1Password was only for the Mac, which I guess it is not (as seen from the images of other operating systems).

So my question is from the context of the blog post above:

  1. How secure is my data in Vietnam?

  2. Is it necessary to have 1Password installed on all my devices to have a Travel Mode ready and available at all times while I travel to Vietnam for more than one year? (I may have to take care of my spouse along with family members there. So I may have to be there for a long time; which this post above on the blog was scary to know about.) I never knew that border patrol (even in other countries) could confiscate your device(s) if you don't unlock them and allow them access to whatever is on one's device.

  3. I have both personal and business data on both a home iMac and I would be taking my MacBook Pro with me along with my Android phone (unless I find Google Fi as a better price or something else that I can use that won't break the bank internationally.) I would like to have all my devices be Mac products, but finding a carrier for the iPhone is difficult especially if I want to use Google Fi, (but this is off topic).

  4. I will not be taking my iMac overseas, but I have the ability to store lots of data on BDXL M-DISKs up to 100GB on one disk for 1000 years (is their claim). So I would like to backup all of my data a put it in a storage facility in a pod and lock it up well enough that it wouldn't be touched for more than a year if needed. (That or leave it with a family member so it can be utilized until I get back.)

  5. I have been to Vietnam before on a one month visa, and they didn't ask me to unlock any devices of mine, both cell phone and a Chromebook I had at that time, (but I understand that was a couple years ago and things have changed within the current administration here in the USA). Are they more strict on American's coming to Vietnam?

  6. Let alone there was a part of the blog stating that a US citizen couldn't be denied entry into the USA (in the comments below), but could have their device taken if they didn't unlock them, and be honest and sincere about where I had been and why I was out of the country for so long (assuming I go to Vietnam and come back after more than a years time there).

  7. What should I think about before moving to Vietnam, and then trying to return to the USA, and using the 1Password product to secure my data? We have a valid reason to move there for family reasons, but I may have to start a business, get a job teaching English there, or work while I live there to help out family members.

  8. I'm interested in this 1Password app for this context and reasons above, but I wanted to think and ask some questions about what things I should consider when moving to another country for more than one year, and when I had purchased the app from Agilebits, could you help me secure my data on my device while I was in Travel Mode?

Any comments or suggestions, or answers to questions would be of great value and appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


Christopher Stapleton

1Password Version: Not Provided
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OS Version: macOS 10.12.3
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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi Christopher ( @coldwhitefire ),

    Thanks for taking the time to write in about this important issue. While I'm not going to be able to give you a definite answer to each of your questions (for some of them no definite answer is possible) I'll do my best to help.

    We currently offer 1Password products for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. It is also possible to access your 1Password data through the 1Password web interface at for example on a Chromebook or other modern system that we do not have a native app available for.

    I'm totally unfamiliar with Vietnam and Vietnamese law. As far as 1Password is concerned as long as you adhere to the best practices data stored within it will be very secure, except perhaps in a situation like this one:

    If someone is willing to use physical force against you to make you unlock your data, there is little we can do to help you in such a scenario.

    Crossing some borders may present similar challenges. You may be required to unlock your devices before entry will be permitted. If you comply, and unlock your data, that data is as good as gone. What Travel Mode helps ensure is that any 1Password data you would not want to reveal to border protection is not on your device when you cross the border. It can then be returned to your device once you are safely across. It could also be used in other situations where you may be entering into unfamiliar territory or a potentially dangerous area, and have to carry your device, but don't need to bring along your particularly sensitive 1Password data. It is a tool in the security toolbox. :)

    Does that help?


  • A little bit. Not sure though. I purchased the yearly subscription for 1Password, but with another email as I forgot which email I was currently using. Is there a way to merge both emails into one account?

  • Also, I have a question about using 1Password on multiple platforms? I have macOS, OSX, iOS, Android, Windows 10 Pro, and Windows 7 Home editions. Do I have to buy a license for all my devices or can I use my $40 / year subscription for everything?

  • Corey_CCorey_C

    Team Member

    @coldwhitefire One of the benefits of the subscription is that the 1Password apps on all platforms and devices are included. So, no, if you have a subscription account, you do not need to buy a separate license for anything.

  • @coldwhitefire: Regarding your subscription purchase -- did you open a new account to purchase a subscription? Did you purchase an subscription through Apple? Billing is managed through your account on, so I'm not certain what you've done here and how to properly advise you. Could you clarify how you purchased your annual subscription? Thanks! :chuffed:

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