Chrome Extension shows no vaults, doesn't save logins

I recently installed 1Password on a PC operating Windows 7. The 1Password Extension opens when I fill in a username and password on a web page. However it shows no vaults in the drop-down menu and saves no logins. Create

New is selected. Update settings is grey and cannot be selected. Save Login is blue, but unresponsive to click.

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Extension Version:
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  • bundtkatebundtkate

    AgileBits Team Member

    Hey, @jhflash, thanks for taking the time to write in! That behavior sounds like what I'd expect to see if you have 1Password 6 installed, but not set up. Do you have a 1Password membership or a standalone vault? Do you see your items in the main 1Password app? If so, is that main app 1Password 4 or 1Password 6? These extra tidbits will help us point you in the right directions. :+1:

  • Thank you for your quick response.

    1Password is installed and assessable using the assigned secret key and master password. The landing page shows the default vault, Personal, and one I added, JHF Personal. The Personal vault contains Amazon Smile, which I set up manually. However I cant tell if it is functional because I am automaically logged in to Amazon when I open it.

    I have removed and reinstalled the extension twice, and I have twice deleted 1Password and AgileBits Processes from within Task Manager. Both times they restored.

  • GregGreg

    AgileBits Team Member

    Hello @jhflash, thank you for your reply! :+1:

    I checked your account on our side and it seems that you installed 1Password extension in the browser, but did not install 1Password app. The extension in the browser will not work without the app, as it doesn't have any information about your account and needs an app to communicate with. Here is how you can set it up:

    Set up 1Password (Windows)

    Could you please try to do that and let us know if it works for you after that? Thank you!


  • the 1Password was installed. I uninstalled or deleted every Agilebits document from my computer and reinstalled. The 1Password works now.

  • bundtkatebundtkate

    AgileBits Team Member

    Glad to hear all is now well, @jhflash! If we can do anything else to help, we're here for ya. :chuffed:

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