New user.2 accounts. Need to cancel one and convert other to Family plan

I recently joined 1Password. I thought two accounts would be best and then I realized a family account is what I need. I need to cancel one account and convert the other one to a family account. How do I do that?

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    Hi @knzahn! Welcome to the forum! :chuffed:

    I'll be happy to help you out! The general process is to add both accounts to one of your 1Password apps, move any data stored in the account you no longer want over to the account you want to keep, and then close down the account you don't want. Afterwards, you can upgrade the remaining account to Families.

    Here's our guide for adding additional accounts to the 1Password apps:

    Moving your data from one account to another is then just a case of moving your data from a vault in one account to a vault in the other account. With both accounts added to the app, you can use the app to do this:

    Once you're happy that one of your accounts contains all of the data you want to keep, you can close down the account you no longer want (be sure it's the right one!):

    Finally, to upgrade the remaining account to Families, sign into the account in your web browser (via its sign-in address), and then over on the right click "Invite People...". You'll get a pop-up with the options to upgrade to either Families or Teams - click the Families option and follow the on-screen directions.

    Note: the "Invite People..." option won't appear if you've got an Apple subscription associated with the account. In that case, we'll need to work in a little bit more detail with you to get that resolved, so just let us know and we can continue the conversation via email.

    I hope that helps! :+1:

    ref: DYW-89277-136

  • Thanks. I am running the Apple subscription. Please email direction.

  • DYW-89277-136

    Found the instructions for Apple subscription change from individual to family plan. Problem is I am still on the 30 day trial so I couldn't cancel it.

  • FrankFrank

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    Hi knzahn - Thank you for getting back to us. I located the email you sent over and I'll reply back to you shortly. Let's continue the conversation there and I look forward to working with you.

    ref: DYW-89277-136

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