How long will AgileBits support 1Password 6?

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Now that 1Password is moving to the subscription model, how long will AgileBits continue to support the standalone version? I have a standalone version but I would like to have my spouse use 1Password as well. It doesn't make sense for her to get an individual subscription and if she gets the standalone version, I'm afraid that AgileBits will stop to support it soon.

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    Hi @concerned_user2017 - I'm sorry to hear you're concerned and I'll be happy to clarify. I highly recommend reading our blog post, if you haven't done so already, where Dave addresses this very question. We will continue to support standalone licenses in the next version of 1Password. At the moment 1Password 6 for Windows doesn't support standalone vaults but we're working to add this in the next version. You can continue to use 1Password just as you do right now and continue to do so in the next version of 1Password.

    Have you considered giving 1Password Families a test drive? It's great to hear your wife will be getting up and running with 1Password. If you want to share 1Password data with each other, I recommend checking out 1Password Families, it's definitely the way to go. I hope this helped and let us know if you have any additional questions. We're always here if you need us.

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