Export/Backup Passwords on Mac?

I just signed up for a 1Password trial as I use LastPass and don't like the LogMeIn factor and I've heard a lot of good stuff about 1Password.

I'm signed up logged in using the web and the Mac app and I have imported my passwords from LastPass as they let you export to CSV.

I'm now in the Mac app looking at a "File" menu which has an "Export" option but it's greyed out :'(

How do I get an offline export/backup of my passwords that I can either restore into 1Password or export to use elsewhere please?

I can't believe this can't be done

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  • Thank you but "export" is greyed out which is why I posted because the option is clearly there.

    Also how can I make it so 1password keeps running on the OS X app bar when I close the app? Seems closing it quits rather than simple closes the window which is frustrating.

  • Have you selected the vault you want to export from? Note the following in the guide:

    Select the vault you want to export. It’s not possible to export from “All Vaults”, so you’ll need to switch to a specific vault.

  • Aha thanks that did it. I only have one vault so had to go into preferences and set it to load the Personal vault even though it's the only one I have if that makes sense. Once I did that the Export option is available.

  • It's a slightly different "head" to LastPass. I just committed to 1Password today ($$ and, lol, exported LastPass as a file and uploaded it as a file into 1password in case something didn't go right)

    Anyway, the categories are important, they are static. But it works. identities for addresses and such, credit cards for credit cards, social security for social security numbers. There are secure notes and secure doc upload. They keep versions of every item but only accessible through the web interface (found that out today). So if you change a field or a note (or like me nearly delete an Equifax pin), you can get it back.

    I had one hiccup during import, but I think my browser was to blame. A password character that I had as '>' was downloaded as > (as its HTML equivalent). Just FYI.

    The lack of two-factor is a little annoying as I use it at work, but I can deal. The issue is hotly discussed (search the forums).

    Your secret key is way important. Download the PDF, print it out or something, but without the secret key, you are sol.

    All in all I like it more. One, the purchase by LogMeIn, then the way the site and its purchases had been ignored (Xmarks, LastPass support forum, all very 1996). Lack of involvement, which is not an issue here in this forum, all left me queasy. Dashlane, I just did not like. The 1password guys really have to figure out how to pitch the password review writers better. Most go in for UI and usability but don't dig deep,

  • It's definitely a different head than LastPass. I just committed to 1password today. ($$ and deleting my LastPass account). I exported my LastPass file just in case and stored it as a document in 1password!

    The categories are static, so it's important to remember that (you create a login as a social security number you can't convert the type). It's different, but after using it a few days I like it better. The website keeps a ton of changes that you make to your logins and notes (not just the passwords, so you can save yourself if you accidentally delete a label containing a pin)

    And that secret key is super important. Download the PDF, store it somewhere, or print it out and put it in a shoebox where you can find it. Without it you are SOL.

    Left LastPass as well, in addition to the LogmeIn acquisition, I get the feeling it is an ignored product. Their support forums are still 1995, they do nothing with Xmarks, even the sign in page though it is still used by many (the slow lingering ignored death), and never got the level of involvement from staff I see here.

    1Password really needs to get ahead of the non-technical computer reviewers who are often more impressed by UI than functionality or the security and usability aspects of a security product.

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    @musicwallaby: Sorry of the confusion there! Glad that helped. :)

    @AlwaysSortaCurious: Item history has definitely saved me some headaches. Glad to hear you're enjoying 1Password! We've got a lot more cools stuff we're looking forward to adding as well. Cheers! :)

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