Hitting CMD + Del with the search bar focused causes the first item in your vault to be deleted

With the search bar focused and no text input, pressing CMD + Delete causes the first item in your vault to be deleted. Is this the expected functionality? I discovered this when hitting CMD + Delete multiple times to clear the search bar and noticed that my items were being moved to the Trash.

1Password Version: 6.8.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.11.6
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • rickfillionrickfillion Junior Member

    Team Member

    It looks like in Mail.app, when the search field is focused, the cmd-delete shortcut is made unavailable. I think 1Password should do something similar. I filed a bug in our tracker (OPM-5308) so that we can try to do better here.

    Thanks for taking the time to report this to us.


    ref: OPM-5308

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