Reducing the size by erasing empty space

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I use the following terminal command
hdiutil compact /path/to/xxxxx.sparseimage

(/path/to/xxxxx.sparseimage, being replace by the path and name)

to reduce Time Machine sparsebundle size and regain space on my harddisk (Time Capsule)

Would this work with a Knox file (sparsebundle) ? (I am not ready to try it live, can you ?)



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    Yes, they are essentially the same thing. You can even go to Knox and compact the bundles there if you wish.
  • Hello. I'm trying to compact a vault, but it's not working. Its size was 1.9GB. I've trashed some folders and now it only contains a folder, which is around 23MB. The message I get is that the compaction has been successful, but the size of the vault remains the same as before. Any ideas or suggestions on what to do would be more than welcome.
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