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  • Thanks for the response @Lars I wasn't aware that the Shared vault could be deleted. That's good to know. I thought it was a hard-coded shared-to-all vault, always.

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    @warpspeed - even if that were the case, you could simply not place any items in it, if you have none you want to Share amongst all family members. But yes, the Shared vault can be deleted. :)

  • @Lars that is of course fine if all family members are as technically capable as me (they're not). ;) Hence, I want to avoid the possibility of them accidentally sharing things with others without realising what they're doing.

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    :) :+1:


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    Hi guys,

    I am just trying out a Family account, after using 1Password for many years stand-alone. First thing I did was use my private vault, and create a 'work' vault. Then I found this page...

    Many things have been said already, so I don't need to repeat over and over again. What I can express however is my frustration that this is open for years, and my first intuitive action was to run into this.

    I get your point: you have Teams for businesses. But guys please, stop living in a dream world where everyone both families and business use one password. My company will never switch to 1Password for various reasons, I am using it personally, but I need and want to separate work credentials with multiple private vaults and not share it with Family organisers. For me this concept is fundamentally flawed. Implementing this won't decrease your Teams subscriptions, as it is likely completely unrelated to personal choices how an employer chooses to manage credentials.

    I have to add that I am an opponent of subscriptions, and this 1Password account is the first I have ever decided for because I trust what you guys do for many years already, and I think the pricing is fair (as opposed to usually very overpriced ones!). But seeing that this request is neglected out of principle, I'm not sure if I want to continue. I'm afraid I don't really understand your hard stance on this: of course there is a level of trust in families found nowhere else, but the request of keeping multiple vaults private even in the most trustworthy environment is still very valid. You may not share these views, but the demand is there and nothing special.

    I did read Lars' answer about your views on this: To be honest, I couldn't disagree more. I want a Family account to share credentials, I want to provide my family which I trust 100% with a comfortable solution, while everyone can decide how many truly private vaults they have. But this is not a matter of lack of trust, it is not even a matter of pricing: I would pay for multiple single accounts, but then I loose sharing.

    It's your product, it's your vision and your pricing models, but Lars' answer feels like everyone requesting this has a social problem, to me that's a very problematic view and tells me your product vision is superior to real customer demands. Not a product for me then any more. So please, is there still a chance?

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    Hi @Blacklight1! Welcome to the forum and for taking the time to share your feedback :)

    I should note that, if your requirement to have multiple private vaults has priority over having another family organizer, you can always create multiple private vaults and be the only family organizer, so every other member won't have the necessary permissions to add themselves to any vault.

    You would lose recovery capabilities by doing this, but again, if you want nobody else to view any data in your account, not giving them admin permissions seems to be the right solution for your use case.

  • Thanks Ana, I am aware that this is a workaround, but imho not a solution as it limits me to be the only organizer in the family. So I am asking for both: multiple private vaults without organizer limitations (or any feature limitations at all). Thanks.

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    Understood :+1:

  • I would also like to throw my votes into the feature of multiple personal vaults. It is great to have tags, as they help organize items for finding quickly, but Vaults are the mechanism for who has access to the items.

    It is cumbersome to move items in bulk to new or temporary Vaults whenever your permissions needs change, but granting access to a whole Vault at a time is easy. So if you have personal Vaults separating your items such as home and work, or kids things, it would make choosing other caregivers or family members access to whole vaults at a time much easier.

    Also, separating out my personal items into Vaults is hugely convenient, even given the tags, because sometimes when you are creating a new item from a web form, you just want to jam it into the 1Password pretty quickly and the nice feature of choosing the right Vault is right there in the form dropdown.

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    Thanks for sharing your perspective on this, @lupha. :)


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