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I originally bought a standalone license of 1P for Windows (v4.x). I believe I also upgraded* to a account (and when I ask the system to send me account details, it emails me something that has the beginning of a secret key, so I assume I have one). I can't access account details, because it wants my secret key, and I have no idea what it is (apart from the beginning that I got in the email). I can't find anything that looks like an Emergency Kit on my computer. How can I (a) determine whether I really do have a 1Password account and (b) assuming I do, get access to it? Thanks.

*I don't know if it was really an upgrade, since the standalone still functions, but I responded to an email that made it sound as if the standalone version was going to be deprecated and a new account was the only way forward.

1Password Version:
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OS Version: Windows 10
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    @golux13 In order to discuss any specific account details with you, we'd need to move this conversation to e-mail since this is a public forum. So rather than dance around the issue of whether you have an account or not, I'm going to go ahead and send you an e-mail from our support system and we can continue the conversation over there. :+1:

    ref: ISP-41297-257

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