trouble setting up new iphone 8. 1Password has duplicated all logins. Help!

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I've used the 1Password basic app on my Macbook Pro, iPad and iPhone for years and love it. In recently setting up 1P on a new iPhone 8 it wanted me to sign up for an "account" for some reason. It wouldn't let me set up 1P on the new phone unless I registered for an "account." So I did (for $2-3/month), tho I've never needed an "account" before. So now my 1P shows duplicates of every item in 1P. Questions: Do I really need to have an "account?" How can I de-dupe so there's not a copy of every item. Help!

1Password Version: 1Password Version 6.8.2 (682002) Mac App Store
Extension Version: ??
OS Version: OS 10.12.6
Sync Type: iCloud
Referrer: forum-search:trouble setting up new iphone 8. 1Password has deplicated all logins. Help!


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    Hi @tkerns,

    Thanks for taking the time to write in. I’m sorry to hear about the difficulty. 1Password memberships are great, and come with a lot of benefits, but one isn’t necessary. You can read about the benefits here:

    What are the benefits of a 1Password membership?

    I suspect you’re seeing duplicates because you’ve got two vaults with the same items in each. You can check this by tapping on the vault switcher (icon in the top left of 1Password) and switch to each vault individually.

    How to best resolve this is going to depend if you want to continue with a membership or not so please let me know what you decide and then we can go from there.



  • Thank you for this response, Ben. Three questions before I decide whether to keep this membership:
    1) I’ve been using 1P on my Mac PowerBook Pro, iPad and iPhone for years and they have all automatically synced with each other, even without an account. So I was already experiencing most of those of those benefits of having an account (listed in your link above). Is that possibles, without having an account?
    2) Or do I actually already have an account and have just forgotten it? Is there any way for the company to see if I already have an account that I didn’t realize?
    3) I apparently already have the Pro version of 1P, or at least I think so. Is that even possible, i.e., to have the Pro version without an account?
    Thanks a bunch for your help with this. It’s very confusing. All was going along just fine till I upgraded to a new iPhone.
    Also, is there any way to talk this through in a tech support phone call? That would be a lot simpler for my poor confused brain.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Sure, I’d be happy to help you answer those questions. We do not have the ability to help by phone, but we’re happy to do so here or by email.

    It is definitely possible to sync 1Password without having a 1Password membership. Either Dropbox or iCloud can be employed for this. That said one of our primary motivators for building the 1Password membership service was feedback from customers regarding the reliability, flexibility, and ease of use of those services with regard to 1Password data. In addition sharing of 1Password data using those services was practically impossible for most folks, and technically complex with a number of “gotchas” for folks who could/did manage it.

    I didn’t find any evidence of an existing membership subscription. I only found the one membership account that we’ve been discussing. It does appear you’ve already set up a subscription (entered your credit card info) for this membership but since you’re still on your 30 day trial period you haven’t been charged yet (you will be on November 2nd unless you cancel before then).

    It is possible that you had previously separately purchased the Pro features for 1Password 6 for iOS.

    One of the nice things about membership is that it includes all of the latest versions of all of our apps, whereas any previous purchases would not. Previously 1Password was sold on a per-platform per-version basis... so for example 1Password 3 for Mac would not include 1Password 6 for Mac, nor would it include 1Password for Windows or 1Password for iOS (those would be separate purchases). As such keeping up to date and having access to 1Password on all of your devices could get fairly expensive but it was also another thing to have to keep track of. With a membership all of the latest versions are available to you automatically... no need to search out and purchase separate upgrades.

    I hope that helps!


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