1password purchased from App Store, but shows up as read only

It was already purchased, but when installed it is read only mode. When attempting to purchase again (so, sure Agile Bits loves to rip off customers copying Adobe and Microsoft)--we just want it to work--keep charging us, we'll just pay like sheep. We click on purchase. Your dialog shows up. Then we get the spinning wheel forever. The purchase process hangs.

You really need to go back to helping customers and being more honest.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @Lewis.

    Before we get started I need to remind you of our forum rules:

    Forum Rules & Reminders - Read before posting — AgileBits Support Forum

    You’ve thrown around a number of baseless accusations here. We’re here to help you, but you make it difficult to want to do so with the tone in which you’ve chosen to communicate with us. I’d ask that you reconsider the “aggressiveness” (to use your term) of your posts before posting further.

    I understand you’re frustrated by our subscription offerings. Both sides of that conversation have been well expressed in numerous other threads here. Instead of focusing on that, let’s focus on the problem at hand.

    It sounds like you may have had a license that you had purchased from us, and then installed 1Password from the Mac App Store. Licenses from us cannot be used to unlock downloads from Apple’s App Stores. If a purchase is made from us, you’d need to install the app from our website:

    Downloads - 1Password

    If you’ve already installed the version from the App Store, and cannot unlock it with your license (causing the “read-only” problem) please see these instructions for switching:

    How to switch to the version of 1Password from the AgileBits website

    If you want to use 1Password 6 for Mac standalone from the App Store then a purchase from the App Store will be necessary. It sounds like you’ve now successfully made that purchase, so you should be all set.

    To address some of your accusations:

    sure Agile Bits loves to rip off customers

    Nothing could be further from the truth. Our goal is to continue to build a sustainable business that sells a solution to “the password problem.” Being a very security and privacy oriented company, customer trust is paramount, and ripping people off isn’t a way to gain trust. As with any business we do need to charge a rate for our products and services that will allow us to continue to deliver the level of quality of software and service that people have come to expect from us. We need to be able to attract talented developers and designers, and to do so we need to charge a reasonable rate for our offerings.

    Instead of paying 65 once, we pay 60 per year over and over. The whole industry is shifting to this dishonest pricing model and trying to sugar coat the benefits

    If the benefits of membership don’t interest you, or you don’t find them to be of value for the cost, then don’t subscribe. We’re not forcing anyone to do so. If you’ve purchased a license and are happy using that you’re welcome to continue doing so. We do feel that membership offers a number of benefits over standalone apps, but again that has been hashed out in a number of threads here and I don’t see yet another as being beneficial.

    Agile Bits is blaming Apple for not allowing family plan support for in-app purchases. This is technically true, but it is a lying evasion by Agile Bits. YOU CHOSE to implement purchase activation as an in-app purchase. You didn't have to do it that way. Indeed, Fantastical does NOT do it that way and family purchases work. What you wanted to do was to stop your family sharing of perpetual licenses so you used a mechanism that knowingly disables family purchases of perpetual licenses from the App Store as you had already stopped supporting them from the Agile Bits store.

    The reason for moving to a freely downloadable app with an in-app purchase was to be able to offer a free trial period through the App Store. Previously customers that found us through the App Store were faced with the proposition of purchasing the app having never had the opportunity to try it (a big leap for some) or to find another offering. We weren’t happy with that, and wanted people to be able to try 1Password before buying it. So when Apple announced in-app purchases for the Mac App Store we jumped at the opportunity. At the time we had no reason to believe that Family Sharing would not work for such purchases (we’d received no indication that would be the case). That said, we probably would’ve made the same decision even knowing what we know today. We feel it is important that folks be able to try before they buy.

    I hope that addresses some of your concerns. Again, please review our forum rules before replying.


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    I eventually got the copy of OnePassword to work with 3 reboots. We had to purchase another copy.

    @Lewis: Glad to hear it! But certainly we'll be happy to give you an AgileBits Store license instead, either if you continue having trouble with the Mac App Store validating your purchase, or if you'd simply prefer to avoid the possibility — or confusion with Apple IDs — in the future. If that sounds like something you'd like, just shoot us an email at support+licenses@agilebits.com with your Mac App Store receipt and we'll take care of you. :)

    I believe the accusations weren't baseless. While it is true that you still offer a perpetual license, in effect, you no longer offer a family plan to share that license.

    That's the definition of baseless. If you purchased a family license in the past, it's still a family license today. We do now offer 1Password Families instead, since that is the best experience for most people, and includes more features and benefits than are possible with the standalone app. I understand that you don't like that, but we haven't actually taken anything away from anyone. That would, in fact, be dishonest, but that's not how we do things. You get exactly what you pay for — what's "on the tin", as they say: great software and personal support.

    That is your choice, as I observed. Blaming Apple's approach to in-app purchases is not quite right for you to do. I observed that Flexbits offers a family plan for its product, Fantastical, which is their choice to do--and it works with the App Store because they did not implement the "activation" (indeed, Fantastical has no concept of "activation") as an in-app purchase. If Agile Bits does want a family plan purchase arrangement to work via the App Store (again, your choice to make or not make), you could follow the approach Flexbits for Fantastical. If you do not want family plan purchases to apply to perpetual licenses (getting redundant here--totally your decision), it would be better for you to simply state that you've made that decision as a matter of your pricing policies and not invoke Apple at all because it is possible implement a family plan for perpetual licenses via the App store, as shown by Flexbits' example.

    1Password.com accounts, since they are managed by us, do not have the same limitations as App Store accounts, so, in this case at least, that choice is being made by you. Many people benefit from 1Password being a free download with an in-app purchase, so this isn't something we're going to change just because you happen to like neither the way that the App Store handles in-app purchases nor 1Password.com memberships. We offer a family option; you've simply chosen not to use it.

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