I have 1Password licensed through my work, which I'm leaving today. How can I keep my data?

My 1password account is licensed through my work. I'm handing in my computer in a few hours and desperately do not want to lose everything I have stored in this account. How can I keep my data? I had at one point tried to sync the account to another MAC but it's older and I couldn't seem to get 1Password 6 on it, just 1Password 4 and it wouldn't really sync - I could only get a trial. As for other devices I own, I have a Google Pixel.

1Password Version: 6.6.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided
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    Hi there @leahcassidy :)
    What you can do is sign up for your own individual account, and sign in on your work computer. Once that is done, you can move your personal items to your new account. Be sure to log out of the accounts on your work computer before handing it in.

    There is an Android version of 1Password, so you would be able to load your new account on it as well as try to figure out the issues with your mac.

    Hope that helps. :)

  • Hi! How can I move passwords from the licensed version on my computer to the vaults. It's not clear how to do this.

  • Corey_CCorey_C Community Moderator

    @leahcassidy does your work use 1Password Teams or have separate individually licensed copies of 1Password? If they use Teams, you can move your personal items to your individual account by following these instructions. If not, you will have to migrate your data to your new account.

  • I have an individually licensed copy but the instructions aren't clear about how to migrate stuff off this computer to my new account.

  • Corey_CCorey_C Community Moderator

    What exactly is not clear about them @leahcassidy? Tell me which step you are having trouble with so I can help you.

  • Where do I start? Do I login to my new account and try and move things to there? Or do I login to the app on this computer and start there? Where to next?

  • Corey_CCorey_C Community Moderator

    You start by adding your account to the app on your computer. Everything is done through the app on your computer.

    Open and unlock 1Password as you always have. Then go to Preferences, then the Account tab then press the + button. Then enter in all your account information or click "Scan account code" and scan the QR code you were given. Enter your master password and sign in. Then, when asked, click "Move Items" to migrate your data.

    All these instructions including a video that helps walk you through it can be found in this guide. You can even pick which operating system you are using if I am mistaken and your work computer is not a Mac. If you are having trouble with a specific step, let me know and I will try and help.

  • Super that worked! Just needed to get that first step under me!

  • Corey_CCorey_C Community Moderator

    That's great! Glad it all worked out. :)

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    Thanks for helping out here @Corey_C. :) @leahcassidy If we can be of further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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