Is it possible to disallow fingerprints for some passwords?

I would like to use my fingerprint to unlock my vault on Mac, iOS, and Android, but there are some logins/secure notes that I would prefer to have extra security and require my password.

Is there any way to accomplish this? if not, can it be added?

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    @mwang5 -- It's a great idea, but unfortunately not. Your Master Password is what protects your data at all times. When you enable a method of quick unlock such as Touch ID or a PIN code or the upcoming Face ID from Apple, you're leveraging the system OS to store an obfuscated copy of your Master Password within the system keychain.

    A long time ago in 1Password 3 for iOS, we had an item-by-item choice for users (back then it was a PIN code built into 1Password itself, not a part of the OS itself like Touch ID and most modern methods of quick unlock are). Frankly, it was kind of a disaster - and a hidden one. With some bugs, it's very visible and obvious and we get a ton of email in a short time all describing the same thing. We fix it, we move on, everyone's happy. But with this one, we didn't get a lot of mail because it wasn't a bug; it was a design decision -- but what we learned over time was that a lot of customers didn't understand it, and it led to them sometimes storing very sensitive data in insecure ways.

    As it stands now, trying to accomplish that on an item-by-item basis would be even more difficult, because it wouldn't be a simple four-digit PIN code that we control, it's part of the OS itself -- and we'd be facing the same problems even if we could implement it. I wouldn't say we'll never revisit this, but for now it's not part of anything we're considering for the future of 1Password.

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