The 1Password icon near my browser no longer does anything. My account is active.

My account is active. My 1Password icon still appears near the browser. However, when I click it nothing happens. It is not working.

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  • 1Password
    Version 6.8.3 (683004)
    Mac App Store

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    Hi @MarjorieRamos,

    Can you see if restarting 1Password mini kickstarts things again. We're aware of an issue where the Mac App Store update process doesn't go as smoothly as we would hope. To restart 1Password mini there is the menu option Help > Troubleshooting > Restart 1Password mini. If that doesn't resolve it please let us know and we'll do some more in-depth troubleshooting with you.

    ref: LHR-36219-875

  • Hi, I tried this and re-installed the extension for chrome and nothing is happening. I was able to temporarily find a fix by downloading the app and using that to access my protected sites; however, the link by the browser is still inoperable. Thanks

  • Hello @MarjorieRamos,

    I see you've contacted us by email as well. We'll continue the conversation there to avoid causing any confusion via two different channels :smile:

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