1Password Safari extension blocks some websites from opening


After installing the 1Password Safari extension I find that some website - e.g. https://discussions.apple.com/welcome - will not open. If I disable the extension and restart Safari, the site will work again. If I then re-enable the extension it will continue to work for a while, but ultimately ends up blocking the site again. I've tried reinstalling the extension but this hasn't helped.

I'm running OSX 10.13 High Sierra, Safari 11.0, 1Password 6.8.3 and 1Password Safari extension 4.6.11


1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • P.S. Here is the message Safari gives me when this happens:

    Safari Can't Open the Page
    Too many redirects occurred trying to open "https://discusssions.apple.com/notfound.jspa". This might occur if you open a page that is redirected to open another page which is then redirected to open the original page.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @thomatkinson: I'm not seeing anything like what you describe. Either you have another extension that is interfering, some malware, or you need to clear some website data in Safari (Preferences > Privacy):

    1Password doesn't do redirects. If you tell it to open a URL, it passes this to the OS or browser, and waits for the page to load before trying to fill.

  • Thanks - how strange. I don't have any other extensions installed and I've just done a disk erase and clean instal of my OS, so Malware is not the issue. It seems that the redirect problem is solved by disabling the 1Password extension so I'll just do that for now and see if any other suggestions turn up in the future.

    Thanks for you help.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @thomatkinson -- It IS strange! I can say for certain this shouldn't be happening, but since we're unable to reproduce the issue here, without taking a closer look at your specific setup it's going to be difficult to help you diagnose/troubleshoot. If you'd like us to take a closer look, we'll need you to create a diagnostics report from your Mac:

    Sending Diagnostics Reports (Mac)

    Attach the diagnostics to an email message addressed to [email protected].

    With your email please include:

    • A link to this thread: https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/83507/1password-safari-extension-blocks-some-websites-from-opening#latest
    • Your forum username: @thomatkinson

    That way we can "connect the dots" when we see your diagnostics in our inbox.

    You should receive an automated reply from our BitBot assistant with a Support ID number.  Please post that number here so we can track down the diagnostics and ensure that this issue is dealt with quickly. :)

    Once we see the diagnostics we'll be able to better assist you. Thanks very much!

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @thomatkinson: You should really try my other suggestion:

    clear some website data in Safari (Preferences > Privacy)

    I've had similar odd behaviour on sites (most notably YouTube, where no comments would ever display) until doing that.

  • Thanks for the idea - I did try that in the first place but no joy i’m afraid. Since writing my last comment i’ve had the issue occur while the extension was disabled for the first time, which proves you right - this isn’t an issue with the extension and must be something more complex to do with Safari etc. Sorry to waste you’re time - it seemed like a clear pattern until then. Thanks for you’re help!

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @thomatkinson - you're quite welcome, on behalf of both brenty and myself. Let us know if there's anything further we can do to assist.

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