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Hi, is it possible for me to help contribute by adding more rich icons for sites to 1Password? There’s some popular sites that don’t have an entry there yet. I think I read AgileBits “probably can’t add all sites” though. Is AgileBits the only ones who can add new ones? One of them that isn’t on 1Password, but not the only one, is Discord. I had to get the icon for it manually myself.

By the way, why doesn’t 1Password grab the big Apple favicon (apple touch icon) for sites it doesn’t have a rich icon for? It’d make sense, and more sites would have their pretty little icon associated with them.


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  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @Larsenv: Not all sites have these, and checking for icons each time on each machine for each login is very inefficient. So we maintain our own database. Still inefficient, but less so than having the app manually fetch all the time. ;)

    I can't make any promises as we try to focus on the top sites, but if you'll pass along the website URL and a link to a high quality icon, we'll see if we can add it in the future. :)

  • Ok, I was going to post a reply but changed my mind. Seems I can't get rid of the "draft" no matter what I do, so I'm posting this just to get rid of the draft that keeps showing up in the "Drafts" above. What's the secret?

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @BasilFawlty: Ah, sorry about that! Indeed, we generally don't want to lose drafts, so the default behaviour is to save them...but if you hold ⌘ or Control when hovering over the Save Draft button that should change to Delete Draft. Alternatively you can deleted them from Drafts at the top, rather than having to track them down individually. Cheers!

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