SSH Key Template for 1Password Teams

Would be nice to have one.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @ilesm: It's something we'll consider, but custom templates are probably a better option since we get requests for plenty of other highly specific your template request here templates. :tongue:

    Currently 1Password Teams Pro accounts have this option as a beta feature, and if all goes well we'd like to expand that in the future. Cheers! :)

  • OK thanks @brenty.

    We're currently on the Standard Plan. What would happen if I:

    1. Registered for the 30-day trial of the Pro Plan.
    2. Created a custom template for an SSH key.
    3. Added a few SSH keys to our vaults using the custom template.
    4. Let the Pro Plan lapse after 30 days and went back to the Standard Plan.

    Would these new entries disappear because we were no longer eligible for the custom template? Would they be somehow downgraded to 'normal' entries?


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    @ilesm - I've sent you out a quick email to the address you used to register for this forum; please check your Spam or Bulk folders if you don't see it. :)

    ref: RUP-18368-121

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