How to stop Update Existing pop-up every time I log in to 1Password using Chrome

Hi. I am trying out 1Password with a view to replacing RoboForm. I like 1Password a lot and I am almost ready to switch, but there is one issue I have: Whenever I log in to 1Password in Chrome browser, I get a pop-up asking me if I want to update my login for 1Password. I find this odd because my 1Password login is already set up in my vault, and nothing has changed about the login. I find it annoying because it happens every time. I find it frustrating because if I click Update, even though there is nothing to update, this action seems to be ignored, and the next time I log in, the pop-up appears again. As much as I like 1Password, this is a UX failure for me; it is breaking my spirit and I am close to dumping 1Password and sticking with RoboForm. I don't want to do that.

Thanks for your help!

1Password Version: 6.7.457 (the link below does not provide help)
Extension Version:
OS Version: Win10 64
Sync Type: Default (what does this mean anyway?)


  • brentybrenty

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    @atomic77: It sounds like you're referring to the web interface. Is that correct? We've just made changes to the website, and we're in the process of updating the apps/extensions to account for that. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Thanks @brenty, is there a timeline or schedule for these updates, even approximate?

  • Hello @atomic77,

    Can I just confirm, when you log into your 1Password account via the web interface are you being greeted by a request for just your Master Password and do you use 1Password to fill the page or do you manually type your password?

  • Hi @littlebobbytables - thanks for your reply, I think you found the issue.

    I was indeed logging into the 1Password site by manually typing my password. This is out of habit, it is how I did things with RoboForm.

    I logged out of everything and logged in to the 1Password site again by unlocking the Chrome extension first and then using the extension to log in. No pop-up.


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Ah, thanks for the update. It sounds like you should be all set, but we're here if you need us. :)

  • Greetings @atomic77,

    So there is still a bug we need to address but your findings helped confirm that you were indeed suffering from this known issue. 1Password should ask you to update even if you manually type your password in, all that should matter is there exists a Login item with the correct password and that no further action is required. A future version of 1Password 6 for Windows will no doubt correct this but at least for now, if you use 1Password to fill this page you won't get nagged and you have the added benefit that with 1Password 6 for Windows now unlocked you can use it for other pages as well.

    ref: OPW6-1525

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