Release 1.1 published to Chrome Web Store

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We just published our first update since the big 1.0 launch! Version 1.1 is working its way through the Chrome Web Store update process now and should be available for everyone in about an hour from now. Here's the full changelog:

[NEW] 1Password X supports accounts which have multi-factor authentication turned on.
[IMPROVED] loads more smoothly when accessed from 1Password X.
[IMPROVED] Editing an item opens it directly in edit mode.
[IMPROVED] The Personal vault is now shown first when lists of vaults are displayed.
[IMPROVED] When displaying the item details window the back button now displays the active sidebar item.
[IMPROVED] When navigating item details with the keyboard, arrow down will scroll the window all the way to the bottom when on the last field.
[IMPROVED] No longer showing the 1Password button on fields that are too narrow.
[IMPROVED] Users are now returned to the settings page after the add account link.
[IMPROVED] Better handling of the enter key on the Save Item Dialog when using Input Method Editors.
[IMPROVED] Better focus handling on pages with multiple forms, especially when using the keyboard.
[IMPROVED] TOTP fields can now be filled on sites that use input fields of type password, like Kraken bitcoin exchange.
[FIXED] Fixed TOTP Filling on NextCloud and similar self-hosted platforms.
[FIXED] Fixed TOTP Filling on
[FIXED] Can now close inline menu using the escape key on pages with multiple forms.
[FIXED] No longer showing TOTP count down or TOTP code if the authentication url is invalid.
[FIXED] Settings page now properly updates when removing locked accounts.
[FIXED] The "reveal passwords" setting in team accounts is respected when clicking to copy a concealed field.
[FIXED] The name "1Password X" now appears on one line in the Add account to 1Password X notification.
[FIXED] Removed Document items from search results until full support is added.
[FIXED] When switching between items the detail view is automatically scrolled to the top.
[FIXED] Unrelated sign-in errors no longer claim the Master Password is incorrect.
[FIXED] We have vanquished the White Screen of Death and banished it to the netherworld. Again.

Chrome should install this update for you automatically. Once it does, please let us know how it goes.

Thank you! <3


  • dotJSdotJS
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    0.9 versions away from 2.0 (Safari Support)! 8-) (jk)

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    Technically we are allowed to go up to 255 for each part of our version, so you might get to see version 1.255 ;)

  • Oh no... 255 versions away it is! :|:'(

  • beyerbeyer

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    As Dave likes to say, version numbers are free! We use them as we need them and rarely plan around version number except when it's time to make a big slash. :)

    Andrew Beyer (Ann Arbor, MI)
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  • Yep, I know. But I still can't keep myself from refreshing this page every 10 minutes!

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    I'm still at version can I force the update?

    edit: Never mind, in the intervening time since I posted that message, it seems to have updated itself. I'm not sure how that happened.

    Since I posted that message, I tried running 1P X once as a test. Is this what made it update?

  • beyerbeyer

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    Hey @Mr. Laser Beam,

    When we publish an update to the Google Chrome store it can take up to 60 minutes for it to go live, although in my experience it's closer to 5-10 minutes. After that assuming you haven't disabled Google Chrome or changed the default extension auto-update frequency, Chrome will check for extension updates every 5-hours. Fortunately, for us at least, we don't have any control over when and how updates happen within Chome. However, in my experience, they are pretty darn seamless. :)

    You can manually force a check for extension updates by clicking the "Update extensions now" button on the Chrome extensions page (chrome://extensions/).

    I hope that helps with your future update needs, but please do let us know if updates aren't working for you.

    Andrew Beyer (Ann Arbor, MI)
    Lifeline @ AgileBits

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