Master Password needed to enable Touch ID



  • If there's something you CAN'T say about AB is that they were "cold", "non-emphatic" or "talking down" on people.
    The opposite is the case. I've been using a lot of tools and had contact with tons of different support staff, and the people at AB gave me by far the best experience and treatment I could expect. They are caring, courteous and always think customer first. That's why I am recommending 1Password to everyone that's asking me about a password manager. Even if it costs a bit more than the competition. It's worth it. You get what you pay for.

    @cmochi maybe when your emotions have calmed down a bit, you realize that AB are not the ones to blame here.

  • I'd have to agree with @Manaburner If there were attitudes, it would have been from other users such as myself. The guys at AB, contrived or not, always put their best foot forward. I've seen them tackle some really awkward issues with a smile when I know, just know, they are doing a facepalm before typing, With other vendors, support tickets may never be responded to or forum post ignored for weeks (like Boxcryptor's forums have posts that are never answered it seems sometimes and they aren't hard questions). At least here it was a generally respectful conversation with the outcome that AB will look for ways to nip such future conversations in the bud by hopefully making them unnecessary. There will, of course, be other issues, lol.

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    when I know, just know, they are doing a facepalm before typing

    Never! :blush::wink:

    In all seriousness though, thank you for the kind words.


  • @danco I’m smart enough to know which replies were from staff and which were not. You have no need to feel anxious there. @Manaburner good for you. I’m glad you got good service. I believe I did not. And I will never agree with you that the company does not share the blame. The company should warn users that Touch ID will sometimes not be there. Many users have had the same problem. It’s all over the web.

    @brenty I accept your apology and believe it is genuine. Thanks

    I also emailed the company. This was a snippet of their reply. Which trust me when you lost access to a bunch of passwords is the worst kind of reply. I read hundreds of emails a week. The rest of the tone of the email was completely not genuine.

    “Touch ID was a convenience feature which does expire after a set period of time ( ), and does not replace the need for you to remember your Master Password.”

    Imagine always having had the Touch ID feature before and then reading here that it “expires after a set period of time” why the hell didn’t the company tell us that earlier?

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    You've made your point, @cmochi. :) We all agree that there are potentially areas in which we can improve to help customers remember their Master Password. I plan on bringing this up with our development team so we can start brainstorming further today.



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