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I have just started to use 1 password on my chromebook and I must say that i´m quite impressed so far, it takes a little "get use to" in the process of get rid of my old password habits . Are you gonna add security audit and watchtower to 1PX ? Maybe it's already there and I can't find it :)

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  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    @Aken: Security Audit and Watchtower aren't available in 1Password X just yet and I'm sure implementing it comes with its own challenges given the pretty dramatic differences from the desktop apps (at least behind-the-scenes). For example, Watchtower runs checks for affected logins locally on your device with the desktop apps. This way, we're not looking at what sites you have Login items saved for. After all, this is exactly the type of personal info we don't need or want to know. This may well be doable locally within your browser, but that would be a new way of doing an old trick. All the same, I'll let the team know you'd like to see it. :+1:

    @wkleem: Hey now! Duplicate and weak password checks were both part of 1Password 4 for Windows. 1Password 6 hasn't even been around for years just yet (it just had its first birthday in October in fact) and already has complete Security Audit available in the beta. Indeed, with a brand new app like 1Password X, there may well be a number of other features that take priority over Security Audit, but saying it took years to come to Windows isn't quite fair. Each platform comes with its own challenges and I think our Windows team has done a great job building 1Password 6 in so short a time. I'm sure the 1Password X team also has quite a lot of cool stuff up their sleeves as well. Of course, I agree there's no need to wait. 1Password X is quite awesome enough already. :chuffed:

  • brentybrenty

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    Yep! We do too, so it's something we're working on, both for 1Password X, the web interface, and each of the native apps as we bring them all closer together. Thanks for sharing your passion for Security Audit! :chuffed:

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