Feature request: syncing when wifi/internet is available

Hi there,

I have the Android app of 1Password installed on my android(v8.0) phone and I have my family account setup.
I noticed that I can manually press a sync button.

However, forgetful or state-machinish as I am, I am not pressing the sync button when I can so I am asking for a feature where the app will detect it can and sync for me.

Sometimes (happened twice this week) I find myself in a wifi area in which I am unable to enter the wifi password, because I don't as yet have it available on my not-yet-synced phone. Annoying, because the wifi would allow me to sync to get the wifi password; a chicken and egg problem.

I am trying to remember that I can sync again when I am for instance at home, but ala, why would I remember that work related task when I am not there anymore? Apparently, the app doesn't automatically sync, or I wouldn't have had this problem again this 2nd time now.

So again; my feature request is an option in the android app to allow it to periodically try and access the internet to see if it can sync and then do so. In my situation; over wifi.

Kind regards

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  • brentybrenty

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    edited December 2017

    @wimvmourik: If you have 1Password for Android setup to sync using Dropbox (I'm not sure since you omitted all of the requested information from your post) and have Settings > Sync > Sync Automatically and Sync Using Cellular Data enabled, it will sync periodically. It isn't as aggressive as it sounds like you want it to be though, and that's intentional to prevent draining batteries. I don't expect we'll be changing that given the constraints of Dropbox, but with 1Password.com this is much more seamless as we have more granular control over pushing and pulling changes with minimal power and data usage. It sounds like you may be using a 1Password.com membership already, and, if so, as we continue to make tweaks to that you'll receive those improvements automatically. It will, however, ultimately depend on your connectivity. I know it can be rough for me on different Wi-Fi and cell networks depending on the location, but we're continuing to optimize it — and already have improvements like you're requesting in beta. Cheers! :)

  • Hi @brenty,

    Ah, sorry about the omitted details, I couldn't find the android app version in any 'about' menu and then didn't read the other requested information fields; yes, in hindsight; using 1password.com for syncing.

    It might already be a feature which is coming in a next version of the app?
    That is all I wanted to hear!

    Kind regards

  • periperi

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    Thanks @wimvmourik. Currently, 1Password does not sync in the background as it would consume quite a bit of resources. That said, it syncs when you launch and unlock, make a change, pull to refresh, or tap Sync in the overflow menu.

    There may be a way we can improve the behavior as you requested. I'll pass the request on to our team. Thanks!

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