I am family member. Cannot locate secret key on laptop, ipad, of ipad.com

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I am a family member on a 1password account. 1password on new iphone6 was stuck in synch mode. Ended up deleting 1password from the phone and reinstalling. I cannot locate a secret key. None of your instructions work for me. 1password on laptop does not have a settings button. 1password on ipad settings>1password accounts does not list an account, only "sign in for your account" , "add existing account" or "start free trial". Yet 1 password is working on both devices.

When I try to sign in on 1password.com it wants the secret key and a password. If I just put in my email address, it asks if I am in Canada or Europe and cannot find me.

Do not know where to go from here.

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    Welcome to the forum, @kstorla! Sorry to hear you're having trouble getting started. When you say 1Password for iOS was "stuck in sync mode," can you tell me a little more about that? Had you already signed into your account from within 1Password for iOS, using these instructions? Or was it something else that was stuck?

    You're correct that 1Password for Mac does not have a Settings button; on the Mac, settings are called Preferences, and you can find them in the 1Password menu > Preferences. Can I ask: which instructions were you using - what page from our website (if you can remember)?

  • I did not sign into the account at all. My old phone was transferred to my new one and 1Password was up and running. I can check with the person that did the transfer if you need to know if he did.

    It had a screen that said “<sync Dropbox” in blue and then on same line it said Dropbox followed by a longer (8 digits or so) number. The first item was in blue, the second in black. This line was at the very top of the screen; the rest was blank except for I think the revolving arrow. Not positive about the arrow. It was in this mode for at least a couple of hours before I deleted Dropbox. The screen was locked, trying to tap anything did nothing. Earlier, I had incorrectly told both the iPad and iPhone to do wireless syncs as the synch fixture had never worked. The phone was probably still set to that when it froze.

    To go back to the very beginning, in going through this I found that I had two vaults, one on Dropbox and one on my local pc. The iPad and laptop were each using a different one which explained why they never had synced. So just before this all happened, I had created a third vault by logging on to each entry from both vaults on my laptop. This got rid of duplicates and entries with older passwords and gave me a clean, updated vault.

    When I got my new vault done, my plan was to delete the others so that I would not have this confusion again. But I could never get to a screen that said delete vault, I deleted the file that was not primary on the laptop. I read somewhere that primaries cannot be deleted?

    I do not have a Mac, though my husband probably created our family account from his MAC. I am running Windows 7. I do have the preference button on the laptop. When I go to that tab, I get general, security,backup browsers,logins, auto save, updates,networks and warnings. General let’s me pick a vault, security is auto lock and password, none talk about the1password account.

    I do have a button labeled accounts in the column of choice on the left, but she. I go there it is blank.

    Here is the link I used for help. https://support.1password.com/secret-key/.

    I fear I have created a big mess here. I have been using 1Password for 3 Year’s or so, but only superficially. I decided it was time to understand 1Password and use it correctly. I am beginning to think I was better off dumb and happy.

  • You can close this case. We got it working between us here.

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    @kstorla - Glad to hear you've got it all sorted out! Let us know if there's anything further we can do to assist you. :)

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