1Password CLI version 0.2 is out, with new commands!


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We're back with another big public beta release of the 1Password command line tool. We've got some new commands for you all to try:

  • op create group
  • op delete group
  • op add [user] [vault|group]
  • op remove [user] [vault|group]
  • op delete vault

Check out our blog post on the initial release of the tool. You can also head over to our support site for help getting started and the full documentation on this release!

There's also a ton of bug fixes and improvements in there as well! Make sure to download the latest at the app updates page, and let us know here in the forum what you think! Your feedback has been incredibly important in shaping this release, and it will continue to be for our upcoming releases.

You can email support+cli@agilebits.com with any longer requests or bug reports, and as always, happy scripting!


  • It's great to see an update! I'm hoping for a search function at some point, is that on your roadmap?

  • cohixcohix

    AgileBits Team Member

    @jerkob Yes it sure is! We're evaluating different ways to accomplish it in a tidy way; if you have any suggestions I'd be very glad to hear them.

  • Allow either/or our secret key and master password to be stored on a smartcard (like a YubiKey) to make signing-in more efficient.

    • Smartcard inserted into reader / USB port
    • Smartcard PIN entered
    • 1Password CLI unlocks

    Most of us who use the terminal also use SSH so please develop a bespoke category for these credentials. :)

  • cohixcohix

    AgileBits Team Member

    @darrenNZ Thanks for the suggestions! We currently have no plans to support YubiKey, and if we were to add it, it would most likely be across all 1Password platforms, not just the CLI. As for SSH, we're looking into ways to make this happen, but we haven't found a solution we like yet.

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