Any way to access offline?

Is there any way to access a hosted 1password account while offline? The Password X Chrome browser won't work without a connection to the servers. That makes the service useless if the site is down, such as with tonight's maintenance.

(on a related note a system shutdown at midnight Eastern is 9pm Pacific -- not an ideal time to be cut off from our passwords)

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  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @J908908: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the inconvenience! Indeed, we had some scheduled maintenance tonight, and unfortunately you were a bit put out by that this time around. It will always be a bad time somewhere in the world, so we try to spread it out a bit and minimize as best we can. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we continue to improve the service. :blush:

    More to the point, while it isn't currently possible to use 1Password X offline, it's something we'd like to make possible in the future. In the mean time though, we have a lot of great native apps that do have a local cache of the data, and chances are if you've got more than one device one of them can run 1Password: Mac, PC, iPhone, Android device, and variations on those. That will allow you to access your 1Password data during maintenance, an internet outage, or even in an underground bunker. But also we'll continue to work to minimize downtime, and we've got a lot of great things in the works for 1Password X too. Cheers! :)

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