MakeUseOf Article: Goodbye 1Password? 5 Alternative Free Password Managers to Check Out

There's an article at MakeUseOf that someone from the AgileBits staff may want to address. I think they either don't have all the information, or are misunderstanding 1Password accounts and 1Password X. The article states, "But recently, the company announced it will be storing passwords on a remote server — something that set it apart from others like LastPass. This change hasn’t gone down well with many fans, and users are looking for alternatives." Just thought I'd give you a heads-up.

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  • That was fun... don't like cloud? Here are a bunch of apps to replace cloud with, um, cloud? >_<

  • brentybrenty

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    @riegelstamm: Thank you! I hadn't seen that. I see @roustem has posted a comment there though, and other commenters seem to be on top of things. :lol:

    Ultimately, if free is what someone is looking for, it won't matter what else we do or say. We're committed to being independent — of advertisers, investors, and buyouts — so we can have the freedom to focus on security, and making it usable for as many people as possible.

    While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I can see the value of a rundown of alternatives, it's a bit irksome that many of the facts about 1Password are wrong there. But we'll continue to work hard at making 1Password the best it can be for those who choose to use it — both with a membership and without. Cheers! :)

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