Why so difference in price between countries in App Store?

I wanted to subscribe to 1password but while checking the prices I found something odd and I'd like clarifications before proceeding.
About me:

  • I wanted to subscribe via the App Store since I have some App Store credits that I want to spend.
  • I live in Italy

If I look at the in-app purchases from ITALY App Store app I see:

  • annual subscription 40,99€ (which is more or less 48,34$)
    If I change store and move to US App Store what I see is:

  • annual subscription 35,99$

clearly different from 48$. But yeah the taxation may be different, fine.
In Italy VAT is 22%, so applying
35,99 + 22% = 43,9 $
again different from 48$.

Now if I try to sign up via your website it prompts me with

  • 3,65$ billed annually (VAT included)
    so if I do

  • 3,65 x 12 = 43,8$

So to recap if I wanted to subscribe for a year I find the following prices depending on where I'm looking

  • App Store ITALY 48,34$
  • App Store US + Italian VAT (22%) 43,9$
  • Directly from website 43,8$

I'm a bit confused.
I wanted to subscribe using some Apple Credits, but I clearly DON'T want to pay more for the exact same product, because sooner or later my App Store credits will end and my billing will remain 48,34$ rather than 43,8$ (if I had subscribed from your website or I could purchase from the US Store).

Thanks for any clarification.

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  • rickfillionrickfillion Junior Member

    Team Member

    Hi @s2n,

    Unfortunately we don't have much control over the pricing in the different regions via the App Store. When we created the subscriptions with Apple, they used the current (at the time) exchange rates to set the prices in the various regions. Over time those exchange rates become stale and there's no way for us to update them (that I know of).


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member
    edited December 2017

    To add our website does charge VAT but it is not included in the advertised price (as we don’t know where you live until you tell us). On the other hand the App Store already knows what VAT rate to charge you because you give them that information when creating your Apple ID.

    All prices on our site are in USD and pre-tax/VAT.



  • @Ben that's not completely true.
    This is what I get when trying to subscribe from your website. It says VAT is applied.

  • rickfillionrickfillion Junior Member

    Team Member

    When @Ben said "All prices on our site are in USD and pre-tax/VAT" he meant on our marketing pages. He didn't mean to include the pages that are part of our 1Password.com app. You're right that on that page we include VAT in some cases.


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