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I LOVE 1PASSWORD!! I own the iOS version and mac app store version 6.8.2. Can someone explain why i might want to pay to move to the subscription program going forward?

I am a single user, MAC and iOS only syncing over dropbox.

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  • @kylec For me? It was sheerly and purely a lazy decision (that was also supported by the vendor's rep and their support). I am in IT and I was fine not having to manage the syncing between my work phone, personal phone, iPad, work mac laptop, home desktop, home laptop, and work desktop. And if I am really stuck, the browser interface, though I am always amused when I break out my phone to get my secret key so I can sign in to the web UI.

    I add a device, and it syncs, no additional grief or requirements or nuanced troubleshooting... a win.

    Additionally, I sync files between devices, but I leverage my iDrive backup account which gives me more space than I could afford with Dropbox to sync. One less service (I don't need the bells and whistles of Dropbox).

    Simplicity and security.

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    It can generally be said that long-time users, particularly if they have few devices, may well not want to change, though many of us have decided to change. For new users it is definitely easier to set up the subscription model, as syncing is built in.

    The previous post gives some reasons why a long-time user might decide to change to the subscription. And it does guarantee that you have the latest version on all devices.

    Again, long-time users have been slight spoiled because upgrades have been free. But really that was a concession by AgileBits, one would expect to pay for major upgrades if using a licence, whereas all upgrades are included in the subscription.

    When I got a new smartphone it was just so much easier to set up 1PW on it than it would have been with the licence model.

    But certainly you aren't forced to change, you can stay as you are if you prefer.

  • Thanks for your thoughtful responses. I assume I would have to pay for 1password 7 for mac when it comes out? Or is that a free upgrade from the mac app store? Maybe that will be a good reason to swtich.

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    1Password 7 will be a paid upgrade if using a license. It will be included with subscription memberships. Thanks. :)


  • The main reason @kylec to favour a 1Password subscription is that it's more secure than using Dropbox because of the Secret Key. This feature is incompatible with Dropbox but it means that your data is encrypted with a two-part key (an oversimplification for clarity).

    Also if you have multiple devices (Windows, Mac, phone, tablet) you don't need to purchase the app separately.

    AgileBits are focusing much less on standalone subscriptions and newer features aren't compatible with the standalone apps. 1Password X (for Linux) doesn't work unless you have a subscription.

    Syncing with AgileBits is more reliable than Dropbox and there's much less chance of data loss or corruption.

  • If I get the family subscription, say each family member has 2-5 devices, they are entitled to fully functional copies of software across Mac, windows, iOS and Android correct? I can setup 5 family members and they can add as many devices as they want on their login?

  • rudyrudy

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    Yes and Yes.


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