iPad and Mac Monthly Purchase Issue

I purchased a pro edition for the iPad a while ago and also have a license for Mac 1Password 3. It appears that I’m being charged by Apple for a monthly fee though. I don’t mind paying that way if it’s neccasary but I had to wipe my iPad and though I was able to get back into my pro account and bring over my vault, I’m not sure what’s happening and how to get on my Mac.
The software won’t open.
I am using the same email address on both but am not sure if I need to use the address associated with my Itunes account.

Thank you for any help.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @barrydvd: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the confusion! It sounds like you may have signed up separately for a 1Password membership through Apple. That's completely separate for a license. We have no way of knowing what you'd used to sign up, but the receipt from Apple for the subscription charge should show you. If you have your Emergency Kit, you can use the information there to sign in. But at this point, given the confusion, it seems like it might be prudent to cancel the subscription through Apple for now until you can determine what you've done and how you'd like to use 1Password going forward:


    That way you won't get charged again in case it isn't something you want to keep — for example if you have signed up for multiple accounts, etc. Please shoot us an email at [email protected] from your account's registered address and post the Support ID you receive here so we can help you get things sorted out!

  • I think you have a good idea. If I cancel Apple billing which is easy, can I sign up for a new account and then what would be the process for bringing in my old passwords?

    Thanks so much for the help.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @barrydvd - you can sign up for only one Individual account from your email address. But you can be a member of any number of 1Password Families or 1Password Teams accounts from the same address. Just head to the main 1Password sign-up page and choose whichever is appropriate for you. If you still have access to an older account, you can either export it from within 1Password for Mac, or you can add this new account into your desktop 1Password application and then use these instructions for moving items between old vaults and new, and finally sign OUT of your old account in 1Password for Mac.

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