Upgrading to Family account, can we each have multiple private faults?

Hi there, I am thinking of upgrading my account to a family account as a Holiday gift to my family. I currently use 1Password for personal and work related items in separate vaults, with a 3rd vault for archived logins that I don't want to see all the time but also want to keep. If I upgrade, can these 3 vaults be private to me, and will my family be able to create their own number of vaults, or only have their own personal ones? Is there also a master shared vault by default?

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  • Corey_CCorey_C

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    Hello @MaxHasADHD :)

    Let's get right to answering these questions.

    if I upgrade, can these 3 vaults be private to me

    The only vault in a 1Password.com Families Membership that is absolutely, 100% private to you with no exceptions whatsoever is the Personal Vault. Additional created vaults can shared or not shared with anyone you choose, so you can make an additional vault and not share it with anyone else. However, anyone with Family Organizer status on the Family Membership can log in to the web interface at any time and change the permissions on any vault they please, adding themselves to the list of people who can access it if they choose to.

    Now, I trust my family members to not do this for vaults not originally shared with them but the fact remains that they can. If something needs to be kept 100% absolutely private to you with no possible way of anyone else accessing it in any circumstance for, say, legal reasons, they will need to be placed in your Personal Vault.

    will my family be able to create their own number of vaults, or only have their own personal ones?

    Anyone given Family Organizer status can make as many vaults as they please. Regular members only have access to their Personal Vault and any vaults shared with them.

    Is there also a master shared vault by default?

    Yep! Every member of the Family is given access to the Shared Vault. Anything placed in the Shared Vault will be shared with everyone in the Family.

    Hopefully that answers your questions. Let me know if you have any others. :)

  • I’ve seen several questions about having multiple private vaults, along with a response it is on the radar (in 2015)

    I think others are like myself that we want 2 private vaults - one for personal & one for work, without the hassle of multiple accounts.

    When do you think this feature might become available?

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @rogerc2018 - We don't normally pre-announce release dates as many factors (some beyond our control) affect them. Also, just because we've described something as "on our radar" doesn't mean we're definitely going to be pursuing it, only that we're aware it's been requested. This particular feature is infrequently requested and can also be achieved (or nearly) by multiple other setups of 1Password. As a result, it's not as high on our priority list as a number of other issues, so I wouldn't expect this any time too soon, since it requires not only the adjustment of the 1Password server architecture itself, but also all four client apps (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android) simultaneously. But it is something we can consider for future updates. Hope this helps. :)

  • Quite disappointed about this. Where can I find (acceptable) workarounds?

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @XIII - the workarounds would be:

    1. Trust that whichever family members you've designated as co-Family Organizers will not violate your privacy and maliciously add themselves to vaults you've created for you alone. (it's 1Password Families, there's a component of trust involved in it that's not part of Individual or Teams/Business accounts).
    2. Do not make anyone else in your 1Password Families account a Family Organizer (not recommended: this means if you're incapacitated or forget your own Master Password or lose your Secret Key, the entire account is in jeopardy)
    3. Create local, standalone vaults which are not part of your 1Password Families account (which you then sync using one of our 3rd party methods)
    4. Use Tags to help organize your data, instead of multiple vaults.
  • Using option 2 for quite some time... :cry:

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    edited September 2018

    # 4 is my preferred method.


    edited September 2018

    My second vault (that I would like to be private) is an archive for accounts that are no longer in use or expired.

    I already use tags for "everything else".

  • rickfillionrickfillion Junior Member

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    Thanks @XIII.


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