Add Vault via Mac app, slow population to Mac [Moved to email w/ troubleshooting reports]

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I tired to add a vault today to my Mac using the Mac app, I one thru the creation process and chose the name, no image or description. After completion the vault didn't appear in my App. I waited (probably not long enough) look through preferences to see if the vault was added. The vault never appeared so I logged into the web site. Immediately as I clicked unlock the vault was added to my Mac.

Its not a huge concern to me, mainly curious if this is expected behavior ? I normally use the web interface but, happened to be in the app and thought why not try it.

1Password Version: 6.8.5
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.13.2
Sync Type: Families


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    Hi @thightower - no, not expected behavior. You would need to have an active internet connection, but changes (not just to data but also things like vault creation) should be near-instantaneous. I'm going to guess (?) that the timing was a coincidence, but that still doesn't explain why you didn't see the vault right away.

    Did you use the File > New Vault > (name of account) command, and if so, do you know about how long you waited, total?

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    Active internet connection, yep very much so.

    As to waiting... well long enough to go... its not here, click the vault list once or twice to see if its just not visible, look at the 1P app settings, remember my login url. fill details and add key for login. wait a 15-20 seconds maybe. I usually see the vault almost instantaneously when creating from the web.

    Ill try and reproduce it.

    1. new vault, test 1 from Mac App
    • up to 5 min no change no vault
    • @ 5 I locked the Mac app
    • @ 5 min 22 seconds I had retyped the MPW and unlocked the Mac app the vault appeared almost instantly. including the push notification of vault added.
    1. new vault test 2 from Mac app
    • up to 5 min an no change no vault
    • @ 5 I locked the Mac app
    • @ 5 min 18 seconds I had retyped the MPW and unlocked the Mac app the vault appeared almost instantly. including the push notification of vault added.
    1. new vaults removed from web
    • removal took place in a matter of a second or two max for each test vault.
    1. vault addition via web site
    • creation and showing in Mac app also took a second or two max.
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    The more I think about it, I seem to recall @bwoodruff telling me at one time the Mac app only syncs when its unlocked. Maybe it was someone else, but I digress...

    So thinking out loud here.
    1. If I am working from the web, the push to the Mac app works as you would think. Since the website is the master location in my understanding, this works in my mind. ?
    2. When working from the Mac app its not pushing the change to the server till its locked and unlocked. I would also assume that when I logged into the web site. It polled the connected devices. Seeing the vault addition, all changes were pushed out to the devices.
    3. It has been a long time since I recall this, like was back in very early beta, So the syncing could have very well changed.

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    @thightower: Before we get too carried away with Lars saying things like "near-instantaneous", I just want to clarify that it depends on the setup. While I would typically agree with his assessment, I've encountered people with upwards of 60 vaults, and it ain't quite so fast in those cases. Definitely something we're working on making more efficient though. ;)

    That said, none of this sounds like reasonable syncing behaviour. Certainly unlocking will force a sync immediately to make sure the app has the current data, but you should have to do that except in some pretty awful network-hell edgecases.

    If you're able to reproduce that abysmal sync performance again, I'd love to get a diagnostic report so we can look at the logs to determine exactly what is happening there:

    Please send it to [email protected] Thanks, Tommy! :)

    ref: HQD-85983-429

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    Reports (2) on the way, referenced the above support request.

    Since we have moved the discussion to email and including troubleshooting reports now. I am going to close the topic. ;)

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    @thightower: Thanks! We'll take a look and get back to you. :)

    ref: HQD-85983-429

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