How can I force password-suggest bubble to appear on site login form in browser?


I've enabled 1password service and keyboard on my fathers android.
Now when I open webpage with login form I can see the 1password bubble near login form sometimes.

I do not understand how it works. But wish I knew a bit more about this bubble. Because I could not predict how much time would it take to appear.

1. I open site in Google chrome for android and do not see this bubble
2. press on login field, still no bubble
3. press some keys on built-in Xperia keyboard (not 1pass-keyboard) and here it is.

I do not understand how to make this bubble appear.

1Password Version: 1password-android 6.7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 6.0.1
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • brentybrenty

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    @Alexeus: Can you be more specific? 1Password's newer filling features cannot work everywhere, so knowing which browser version you're using would be helpful. Otherwise, you can use the 1Password Keyboard to fill login credentials. It sounds like in that case though you have to interact with the website before it allows you to login there, which may be intentional. Please let me know what you find!

  • @brenty
    I've made a mistake in my original post since I war writing it away from device.
    I've checked now, and this was a problem inside this app

    This is baking app, but still I see 1password bubble there.

    This bubble inside app appears very unexpectedly.

  • periperi

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    Thanks for the video, @Alexeus.

    When filling using Autofill or the accessibility, you won't need to change keyboards. You can use your default keyboard, and the prompt to fill will still show up. This is because we've separated filling from the keyboard in recent versions.

    That said, are you seeing this on every website? Are all elements of the page loaded before you're seeing the prompt?

  • Hi @peri.

    In my case the problem with prompt is that it do not appear when it should.
    I'll try to explain my video.

    1. I've launched Bank App (it is not web-browser app, but android app). This app
    2. On video I start by tapping on Password field. There is no Autofill prompt.
    3. I had to click on different keyboard options to make this Autofill prompt appear.

    So I used "switch keyboard" button not to switch keyboard but to make Autofill prompt appear.

    My problem is that prompt does not appear as I open app and click on login/password field. It appears only after some manipulations.
    I have no problem in browser still. But I have problem in this particular app.
    I know you can not affect third-party apps behaviour.
    So I wondering maybe you know why autofill prompt appears so late and only after some strange manipulations with keyboard.

  • brentybrenty

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    @Alexeus: Ah, thanks for clarifying! I'm sorry for the confusion. Using the new Android autofill features in apps depends largely on the app supporting it, either by using Google's OpenYOLO API, or using Android accessibility frameworks. Unfortunately we can't make either of those things happen. What appears to be going on in this case is that the app is just a wrapper for their website, so they're not really offering any sort of accessibility — which is where you're getting that glitchy behaviour. I tried a few different Citi apps and this seems to be pretty consistent across all of them. I'm not able to get it to appear consistently at all. However, I didn't have any trouble filling there using the 1Password Keyboard as I mentioned above, so I'd recommend trying that (and hoping the Citi updates their apps to support accessibility at the very least, as that will help many users — and I'm also a Citi customer).

  • @brenty Thanks for the detailed response.
    After you help with I'll get another try with keyboard.
    Thank you.

  • brentybrenty

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    You're very welcome! I'm sorry I don't have a better solution in this case, but I appreciate you bringing it to our attention. Over time it will get better too as more apps adopt Google's APIs. Cheers! :)

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