Hi I have forgotten my password to get into my Knox vault can you please help

I have forgotten my password for my Knox Vault as I haven't used it for a while but need to get in there as I have all my email addresses paswords and entry passwords to all my iPhone etc. etc. I have tried all the passwords that i can think of but it has not got a forgotten your Password link so can you please help me somehow to get into my Knox.
Regards John Krausz


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @Kconsult: Thanks for getting in touch! I'm sorry to hear that you've forgotten your password. (Un)fortunately that isn't something we can help with. AgileBits has neither your data nor the password used to secure it, so this isn't something we can 'reset' for you to help directly; the data is encrypted with the password you chose, and can therefore only be decrypted with it. However, please try the tips in this guide (it is geared more to 1Password, but some suggestions might help you gain access again):


    If that doesn't help though, you will need to either remember your password or can guess it, get your data from somewhere else you've stored it, or you'll simply never be able to access it again. You can try as many times as you want. You won’t be “locked out”, but you will not be able to access your data unless you can enter the required password correctly. Please let me know how it turns out. I look forward to hearing back from you!

  • Thanks mate my grey hair has finally proven to generate my brain and after trying about 100 times I finally cracked it and I remembered it thanks for your advice really appreciate it. One good thing that has come out of this it is the best thing for us as no one else can get into our 1Password or Knox so everyone should have this.
    Thanks again for your advice. Have a Great Year. Regards John Krausz

  • brentybrenty

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    @Kconsult: That's a relief! Thank you so much for letting me know. Indeed, it's great news how secure it is when we can get in...but when even we can't it's harder to be enthusiastic about that. Happy new year to you, John! We're here if you need us. :)

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