I set up a 2nd account with a broker with a new 1Password logon...and my original logon disappeared

I have had a single TD Ameritrade account for years. Both my wife and I have provided funding for it, making separate investments. It has become complicated to track who owns what, especially in terms of un-invested funds. So I set up a second account, in my name. I have created a spreadsheet to determine our exact positions as of right now. I can now transfer stocks and funds that are my wife's to the new account, and from now on we'll have no trouble tracking how our individual investments are performing. Wonderful.

Problem? Well, not with TD Ameritrade, they allow you to have two accounts. But as soon as I saved the 1Password logon info for the new account...my original logon disappeared.

I can contact TD Ameritrade to set up a new password. ...But how do I set up two 1PW logons for two accounts with the same company?

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OS Version: Windows 7 Professional, SP 1
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  • ...as Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say: "...oh...nevermind"

    I am an idiot. The first logon didn't disappear...it was still there. I'd incorrectly given it the title, "Ameritrade", so it was far removed from the new logon, "TD Ameritrade". My bad. ...Nevermind.

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    @OffGrid9 - sorry to hear about the trouble! 1Password should never delete any item you've saved inside it, unless you explicitly do so. I mention that because I think the original item is likely to be still around somewhere.

    Can I ask: when you created the new item, what changed? Only the password (from old to new), or did other details change or vanish as well?

  • brentybrenty

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    @OffGrid9: Indeed, and be careful not to select Update Login and change the wrong one, since you have more than one. If you save a new password that way, the original will still be under "previously used passwords" in the login, but it can certainly cause concern if you're not paying attention. Cheers! :)

  • Thanks, to both Lars and Brenty, for the responses. I've gone back into my 1PW vault and edited the displayed names of the two logins, so that they appear next to each other alphabetically, but also including our names, so unless I go totally ga-ga, I should be able to choose the right option. It would have been simpler if my wife had been able to set up her own TD Ameritrade account, but she's an absolute technophobe, won't use a computer or even a smartphone. So the easiest path was to set up a second account under my name.

  • brentybrenty

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    Sure thing! Just thought I'd mention it since I've got myself into a mess in the past by not paying attention, but it sounds like you've got things under control. Have a great week! :)

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