Using two-factor-authentication in 1PW for Gmail

Hello guys.

After following the steps proposed at: it was not possible to get the same code provided by the Google Authentication app. I just copied the QR code and paste from clipboard as suggested, but it keeping generate a different sequence

Thanks in advance.

1Password Version: 6.8.492
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    Thanks for reaching out to us, @danielguerravf! It's my understanding that both codes will not be the same. After following the instructions to set up your One-Time Password field in 1Password, are you able to sign in with the OTP when prompted? I'd be happy to take a closer look at the website you're using if you're still having trouble with it.

  • Hello @DaltonD . Thanks for your reply.

    I have the Google Authentication app to generate the code asked by the 2FA on Gmail. In order to get 1PW also with this functionality, I followed the steps proposed in When I turn 2FA on for google account, a QR Code is generated so Google Authentication can scan it and give the six digits required for authentication. But, before using the mobile app for scanning, I copy the QR code and paste it in 1PW so it will generate the six digits code. When the site asks for the code for verification, the 1PW code it's not valid. The 1PW digits are different from that generated by the app, so the validation it's not accomplished. I thought they should be equal, no?

    Here some prints that, maybe help

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi @danielguerravf,

    Just to make sure I'm not confused at all, you started at a point where you had 2FA disabled for your Google account and nothing stored in either 1Password or Google Authenticator in terms of 2FA. You went through the motions of enabling 2FA and when you reached the point of being able to use the QR code you added it to both Google Authenticator and 1Password at the same time and saved. Having done so, you find the 6 digit code displayed in Google Authenticator does not match the one in 1Password? The only reason I can think of is if one of the clocks is off. TOTP uses the current time in 30 second blocks as part of the algorithm so if the clock is wrong at all it will monkey with the generated code. In all my own tests if I scan the same QR code in both Google Authenticator and 1Password they generate the same 6 digit code. What you can't easily do is copy a previously configured 2FA in Google Authenticator into 1Password. The only way I know is to disable 2FA, which invalidates the existing entry in Google Authenticator and then set it up again, taking the opportunity to set up both at the same time.

    If I've misunderstood anything please correct me. If I have understood correctly hopefully something there helps but if not we will continue working with you to figure this out as both should generate the same codes.

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