authentication error after 1Password update

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I have my emergency kit with the Secret Key. I am prompted to sign in again and I get an authentication error. It tells me what the beginning of the secret key is supposed to be, and that is different from what is in the emergency kit.

1Password Version: 1Password 6 Version 6.8.6 (686004)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS High Sierra 10.13.2
Sync Type: icloud


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    Welcome to the forum, @julesec! Sorry to hear you've having trouble signing in to your account in 1Password for Mac. Can I ask: are you able to sign in using a browser (ANY browser) on any of your computers? You'd be required to have your email address, your Master Password and your Secret Key -- though the first and last two are saved in browser memory so you only have to use your Master Password after the first time you sign in using a new browser or device.

    I'm asking because if you can do that, your data are still accessible. That's the main point; I don't want you to lose access to your 1Password data!

    In 1Password for Mac, I'm not sure what you mean when you say "prompted to sign in again." You should only need to sign in fully one time -- the very first time. After that, your details (except Master Password) will be stored within 1Password for Mac itself. Can you tell us what specific steps you're taking? Thanks. Oh, also: have you ever had another account (for work or with another group, anything), besides your current account? Or have you ever regenerated your Secret Key?

  • I have had no other account or group. I have not regenerated my secret key. This process started itself - I did not. To get it to happen again and again:

    1. I go to Mac Launchpad and launch Agile Bits.
    2. I log in using the Master Password (the only one I have ever used)
    3. I see my info and it appears to log me in normally
    4. A few seconds later there is a pop up window - title is authentication error
    5. It has my full name, then Authentication Error
    6. Message: We're having trouble signing you into your account. Please make sure all your information is entered correctly below.
    7. It has my info: Sign-In Address, email address, secret key, master password.
    8. This info matches what is in my Emergency Kit info
    9. I then enter my Master Password.
    10. I get another pop up window that says: Check Your Email and Secret Address
    11. The Secret Key for this email address should start with: gives the beginning of key. This key is not the one that is given in my Emergency Kit.
    12. Bottom of pop up says "We were unable to verify your credentials. Please check and make sure your email address and Secret Key are correct."
    13. So this keeps looping.
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    @julesec: If your Secret Key and Master Password and email address are correct, then you're trying to sign in using the wrong address.

    If you've changed between an individual account and 1Password Families/Teams or vice versa, your sign in address will be different. All individual accounts use while 1Password Families and Teams accounts have a custom sign in address, like

    I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • Somehow I am split between a team account and an individual account. I am able to sign into the individual now. However, when I try to add devices from the individual account it tries to add the devices to a team account. When I check my account status it says I am on an individual plan, since that is what I am signed into. I messed something up obviously - any thoughts how to get myself fixed?

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    when I try to add devices from the individual account it tries to add the devices to a team account.

    I'm not sure what you mean by that. How are you trying to add devices? You can't add them from within 1Password in a browser. The way to add your account to various devices is to install 1Password onto the device (if it isn't already), and then to sign into that account in either Preferences > Accounts (for Mac) or Settings > 1Password accounts for an iOS device. You can be signed into as many accounts as you own (or are a member of) in all native 1Password apps.

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