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I'm helping a customer setup a Teams account but the process failed before they could get their emergency kit. I've setup them up with a different sign-in address, but they'd like to use the original one (now shown as in use) instead. I'm aware that the address can be changed, but we'd need the original, failed, account removed first. How do we go about doing this when they can't login?

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    Welcome to the forum, @symonc! With individual accounts that all sign in using as their sign-in URL, we limit the number of accounts to one per user, to prevent abuse and spamming. But with 1Password Teams and 1Password Families, you shouldn't have the same kind of restrictions because each account of those types comes with its own subdomain: or or the like.

    If you need to have an account deleted and none of the Owners can sign in, you can have that person write in to [email protected] and request a deletion email. We'll verify identity and send out an email with instructions for how to delete the account. From there, they should be able to sign up with the same email address - or any other.

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