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I got an Erro network system for Christmas and it came with a 1password trial. I set the account up planning to go back and configure it, that never happened. I decided to go with the full suite now but am unable to get into the 1password account. The PC that I used for the setup has been rolled back from a failed (forced) upgrade of a Windows Creators update and it seems that where this emergency pack would have been saved has been wiped.

I just need to start the process over, and complete the setup this time but I am unable to do this as I don't have access to some code that would be in the emergency pack.

Like I said, its never been setup so a full reset will cause no harm. Can someone help me with that?

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    You'll need to talk to the staff and they only assist with account matters via email. Send that email to [email protected] from the email associated with your account.

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    It appears Andrew has been helping pgrooves by email, so we’ll continue the conversation there. Thanks!


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