I can see my item counts on the left side, but cannot see the actual items on the right side?

I launched my one password program on my computer (to create a new item for an application for which I'd created a password for) I found that although it would display item counts, I couldn't actually view any items. I tried to add a new login manually and it allowed me to do it. I just registered to join this forum and it popped up to save my info like it supposed to. I launched the program again to look for what I just saved and it initially let me see it then when I clicked onto another item category and tried to come back to it, I could not see it. It clearly added it because my logins went from 101 to 102.

I can see my item counts on the left side, but cannot see the actual items on the right side? The program seems to be working other then not letting me see my info.

I tried locking and unlocking the program, rebooting my computer, but that didn't help. I tried to restore from a previous back up, and that didn’t help.

I have not tried to sync it from my phone out of fear of losing my data on my phone.

What can I try to get my info to display again? I am not in any way an expert with this program, I just try to keep my passwords sync’d for a backup for my phone and easy of logging in when I am on my computer.

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide to me!!

1Password Version: (24)
Extension Version: (InternetExplorer)
OS Version: Windows 10 Home 16299.192
Sync Type: WLAN SYNC
Referrer: forum-search:I can see my item counts on the left side, but cannot see the actual items on the right side?


  • GregGreg

    Team Member

    Hi @MerBags,

    I am sorry to hear you bumped into troubles with 1Password! You did the right thing by reaching out to us – we are always here for you.

    1Password 4 for Windows is different from 1Password for Mac and it shows item details below the item list, not on the right side. Here is how it looks:

    Is it different for you? If it is, please try to share a screenshot of what you see on your side. You can add a screenshot here:

    But please conceal any sensitive information that could be there, since this a public forum. No need to share your passwords or anything like that.

    I am sure together we will be able to get to the bottom of this, so I will be looking forward to your reply. Thank you!


  • Hi Greg,

    Thanks so much for trying to help me. That screen shot you posted is exactly what I am used to seeing. Now, all I see is the darker left side telling me how many items I have in each category, blank space - no details on the right hand side. I used to have this program on another laptop and I used that keychain thing to move it to this laptop about a year ago. Like I said, I am not very proficient in this program other then to sync my phone periodically. I only use it on this one laptop and my iPhone. I have not really had any problems with the program other then every so often having trouble with my computer not seeing my phone. I think I'm getting pretty good at fixing that when it happens.

    I took a screen shot of what it looks like now when I open it. I also took a screen shot of the different keychains that I have the option to re-open. I have no idea why there are 4 of them, but I tried reopening each - all with the same results.

    The program seems to let me add login info, but when I try to login at a website and use the ctrl \ to populate the info, it tells me my information is incorrect.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...


  • @MerBags i think i see what could cause everything to "disappear". There is thin line between top (list) and bottom (details) parts of 1Password 4 screen. The details part is maximized too much, leaving no space for the list. Try to point mouse at the black line under "Title", "Location"..."Modified" row, click and drag it down. Hope that helps :)

  • OH MY GOD!!! I can't believe it was something so simple. Thank You so much SergeyTheAgile!!!
    Thank You Greg also....

  • GregGreg

    Team Member

    Hi @MerBags,

    On behalf of Sergey you are very welcome! :+1: We are always ready to help you with all types of questions about 1Password, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime. Thank you!

    Have a great Sunday!


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