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So I have had an on-going issue for a while now with 1Password on both the iPhone and iPad. I have 1Password setup and syncing with DropBox. It syncs over to two different Macs and then also to an iPhone and iPad. Between the Macs I have had no issues....the iOS devices is another story. It seems on a regular basis the iOS devices will stop syncing with DropBox and it is always due to it not having the correct Master Password. I go in each time, put it back in, tell it to save and yet a little while later I go back and again it isn't syncing, etc, etc. I have not changed my master password in a long it isn't an issue of not updating the devices with a new just goes away all on it's own. I have tried deleting the program on the iOS devices and setting it back up again....but it will eventually lose the password again.

Needless to say it's become unreliable and frustrating.

What am I missing here?

- I will add I am a developer and running iOS5 on these devices, but I have had this problem even when it was on 4.


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    Hi ereddekopp, welcome to the forums.

    This is strange, we haven't gotten a lot of reports about this and we tested this in our labs, no issues reported with the loss of master password.

    Just to be clear, we're talking about the incorrect master password for the file that's stored on the Dropbox server, technically the data file from your computer and not the incorrect password for 1Password on your devices, correct?

    How often does this happen? Can you try the following:
    • Open 1Password on the Mac, go to Help > Troubleshooting > Rebuild Data file
    • Open 1Password on the iOS device, reset it via Settings > Sync > Dropbox Sync > Account > Reset
    • Set up the Dropbox Sync again, make sure you tell it to remember your master password

    See if that'll work better now.
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